General Rate Policy

A contract covers only advertising relating to the regular business of the advertiser; its privileges cannot be transferred, in whole or in part, to another advertiser. Retail sales are not subject to agency commission or cash discount.

Advertising Rates (per column inch)

Open rate (three lines)—$30.11

Classified rates$4.11

Special rates—

  • Special positioning—back page: 15 percent additional

  • Other special placement: 10 percent additional

  • Four-color process: $780 additional
    (If the publisher provides the color separations, a separate, additional charge applies.)

  • Spot color: $290 additional per color
    (If the publisher provides the color separations, a separate, additional charge applies.)

  • Supplying photos for ad: $15 additional per photo

  • Free-standing inserts (single page or multiple pages): $67 per thousand

Theatre rate—$20.75

Tearsheets will be provided with each ad or notice published, per insertion. Additional sheets are available at a minimum fee; ask for details.


The publisher will endeavor to honor position requests; however, positions cannot be guaranteed, nor will any adjustments or refunds be made because of positions, unless “guaranteed position” and premium—as specified herein under “Special rates”—were stated in the initial order.

Short Rate

The advertiser expressly agrees that if, at the end of the period named in its contract or upon the prior termination of the contract for any cause, s/he has not used advertising to the full amount ordered, s/he shall forthwith pay to the publisher such additional sum upon each and every issue of advertising used as shall be equal to the difference between the price applicable to the advertising rate and the number of weeks the ad runs.


Contracts are not accepted for longer than a period of one year. The publisher reserves the right to revise all rates, on a notice of 30 days, to contract advertisers.

The advertiser shall have the right, within 30 days after written notification of any such revision, to cancel the contract without short-rate penalty charges, at any date upon which new or higher rates are made effective by the publisher.

No additional terms or conditions pertaining to the contract will be recognized by the publisher except those endorsed in writing authenticated by the signature of both parties.

The publisher reserves the right to revise the stipulated conditions herein at any time.

Discounts and Special Services

  • 5 percent discount for payment in advance, if there is no past due balance.

  • 10 percent discount to charitable organizations with a tax-exempt identification number.

  • No charge for gutter space in double-truck ads.

  • Minimal charge—if any—for veloxes, photographs, reverses, screening, and original art.
    Ask for details.

  • Frequency discounts—applied as follows: 3 percent discount for a 6-time run within one consecutive calendar year; 7 percent discount for a 13-time run; and 10 percent discount for a 26-time run.

Terms of Payment

Net rates are noncommissionable. No cash discount is given. National and local rates are the same. Political advertising must be paid for at time of ad placement.


Accounts for advertising used each month are due and payable fifteen (15) days from the invoice date. After this period, a monthly service charge of 2.5 percent will be added to the past-due balance. Ads placed by an agency are the responsibility of that agency unless specific written instructions place payment responsibility with the client.

Inaccurate rates on insertion orders will be treated as clerical errors, and advertisements will be published and charged at the appropriate rate in effect at the time.

The Metro Herald goes to bed on Wednesday to meet its publication date of Friday.


  • Color ROP Advertising
    3:00PM Thursday of the week before the publication date.

  • Black and White ROP Advertising
    3:00PM Friday of the week before the publication date.

  • Classified Display/Word Ads
    3:00PM Monday before the publication date.

  • Employment Section Display
    3:00PM Monday before the publication date.

  • Late-Breaking Jobs Section
    12:00 noon Tuesday before the publication date.

  • Free-Standing Inserts
    One business week before the publication date.

Cancellation Charge

Ads canceled after deadline will be charged at a 10 percent production fee. There are no conditions, verbal or otherwise, binding the publisher other than those stated in the contract, and it is accepted solely on that basis.

Copy Specifications

The Metro Herald is a tabloid format with five columns/page that are not SAU; that is, an SAU column is 2-1/16", whereas a Metro Herald column is 2". The actual display page area is five columns wide (10") by 14.5" deep. (See Display Rates/Sizes Diagram below.)

B&W camera-ready ads (velox, stat, or other slick format) may be submitted for publication in The Metro Herald. The ad must have a DPI (dots-per-inch) of at least 200 and an LPI (lines-per-inch) of 110.

B&W or Color electronic ads (spot or 4-color—CMYK) may be submitted for publication in The Metro Herald and must adhere to the following specifications:

  • DPI (dots-per-inch) = 200 (minimum, 300 to 600 preferred)

  • LPI (lines-per-inch/linescreen) = 110

  • Software—The preferred file format for ALL electronic ads is PDF (with all fonts, art, etc. embedded). We can accept TIF, GIF, or JPEG files if quality/resolution of file is sufficient for DPI/LPI listed above. QuarkXPress files can be accepted providing all linked art files and all fonts (printer and screen) are collected and forwarded with the QuarkXpress file.

  • TEXT-ONLY electronic ads—A Microsoft Word, PageMaker RTF (rich text format), or QuarkXpress file format may be used for TEXT-ONLY ads. (Fonts should be included unless The Metro Herald is formatting the ad).

Electronic ads can be received by The Metro Herald via e-mail: greg@metroherald.com or uploaded to our FTP site. If you are uploading to the FTP site, call Glenda or Greg at (703) 548-8891 for password, etc.

Copy Regulations

All copy is subject to the publisher’s approval. Advertising which, in the publisher’s opinion, might be construed as editorial matter, may be labeled “Paid Advertisement” at the publisher’s discretion.

The Metro Herald does not assume any responsibility for advertisement errors beyond the actual cost of the ad.

Advertisers are advised to check their ad on the first day of publication and to report any errors at once; adjustments will be made only for errors which materially affect the value of the advertisement.

In the event of nonpublication of copy furnished, no liability shall exist on the part of The Metro Herald, and there will be no charge. If an ad has been prepaid, it will run at a later, agreed-to date. The advertiser will then receive a full credit.

The publisher will not be bound by any conditions, printed or otherwise, appearing on any order blank or copy instructions when such conditions conflict with any Metro Herald regulations or rates.

All advertising is accepted for publication with the sole understanding that the agency and/or advertiser is properly authorized to publish the entire contents and subject matter thereof. It is further understood that, in consideration of the publication of advertisements, the advertiser and/or agency will fully indemnify and hold harmless The Metro Herald from and against any judgments, costs, expenses, or disbursements incurred by reason of claims, or suits for libel, violation of privacy, plagiarism, copyright infringement, or any other claims or suits based upon the contents of the subject matter of such ads.

The placement of any matter for publication with The Metro Herald will be regarded as acceptance of the provisions of rates contained herein.