Keeping Your Dogs Safe in Their New Home

Woman with her dog in bedroom
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Now that you have a new pet, there are certain things you need to change within your home. To make sure that the new member of your family remains safe, here are a few helpful tricks:


First off, make sure that your new dog stays within your property by installing a fence. If you already have one, check if the panels are not wide enough for them to escape. For homes that plan to adopt a puppy or a small breed, there are aluminum panel fencing that offer extra pickets to prevent your pet from jumping through and getting lost. Your fence should be taller if you have a bigger dog and buried deep into the soil if your dog likes to dig.


A crate is an effective way to house train your new puppy and keep them safe within your home when you are not around to supervise. This also protects your furniture from being damaged from a wandering pup, damaging furniture and other possessions while you sleep.

Also, consider placing a gate around places that the new member of your family should stay away from. Stairs and balconies, where a puppy could fall and hurt itself, should be out of bounds.

Clean Your Home

Prior to the arrival of your new pet, inspect your home and make sure that there won’t be any item that they can eat and make them sick. Remove small items like jewelry and hair accessories from nightstands and never leave coins lying around.

Consider getting a laundry basket to put your stuff in so your puppy cannot get into them. A trash can with lid is also necessary, especially if you have a bigger dog, so they won’t grab and eat anything that you have not given them.

Make sure that there are no plastic bags or plastic toys lying around that they can chew. Dogs cannot digest plastic, so it will cause big problems if they do. In most cases, your dog will pass small pieces of plastic the following day. Bigger pieces might need to be surgically removed.

Snack bags pose another serious threat. A dog can suffocate and die from trying to reach food from inside the snack bag.

Chew-Proof Some Furniture

Family with their dog in new home concept

In the early days of your training, expect a few mishaps. Protect your home and your pup by “chew-proofing” your expensive furniture. You can wrap old fabric on the bottom of the stuff you do not want to be damaged.

Conceal cables that they might bite and secure unstable objects, like your television and lamps, that they can knock off easily. Tie up the blind pulls, which can strangle your new pet if you are not careful. You can also install childproof latches on cabinets that the dog might be able to open.

Having a dog is a big responsibility. Your pet is counting on you to take care of it and keep it safe from harm. Often, getting a dog means a complete lifestyle change so, before you welcome a new member of your family, make sure that you are ready. There will be a lot of hard work and headache along the way, but it is all worth it. What you will gain is a loyal companion and friend.

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