Additional Necessities for a Productive Office

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A working office should have all employees need to be productive. These include a computer screen as well as an ergonomic keyboard and mouse, a comfortable chair and table, a heavy-duty printer and scanner, a photocopier machine, a telephone, and, of course, a reliable internet solution. These things are found in every office in the world. Even those who work remotely have these in their own home office.

However, there are other necessities that aren’t often discussed but will improve productivity at the office. Here are some examples.

woman in her living room full of plants

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants add a touch of nature to any office while helping purify the air and boost productivity. Not only do decorative plants spruce up the workplace, but also they improve concentration and reduce stress levels.

Previous studies have shown that staring at nature or something green could boost not just productivity but also creativity. This is due to the fact that plants are life forms, so looking at them makes us feel alive.

Plants in the office have another benefit: they purify indoor air quality by acting as natural air filters. If there are smokers near your office building, having plants nearby will remove their smoke from the air and replace it with oxygen. This will keep everyone healthier and happier, which will improve overall productivity

Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, so employees working in front of decorative plants will benefit from increased health and focus.

A Well-Stocked Kitchen

Having a well-stocked kitchen in the office is another great way to improve employee satisfaction and health because it means they will have access to healthier food items. You don’t want your employees snacking on sugary snacks or junk food that has no nutritional value!

If you are planning to provide this for your staff, make sure it’s placed in an easily accessible location so employees won’t be tempted to take snacks from the office pantry

The kitchen should be filled with ready-to-eat cereals, grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, low-calorie snacks, and other healthy fares. These will not only keep your employees happy but also productive because they have good energy levels due to their improved diet.

A Humidifier and Air Purifiers

Having a humidifier and air purifiers in the office is also beneficial. Not only will this keep everyone comfortable and prevent dryness and itchiness, but it will also remove the odor of any smokers around your office building

The air purification system should have those high-efficiency particulates (HEPA) filters that remove not just dust and dirt, but also organic pollutants. These are harmful if they are inhaled because they can affect not just the lungs but also the heart and brain over time. Moreover, they contribute toward disease spread by capturing viruses and bacteria.

On the other hand, a humidifier injects moisture into the air. Dry air is uncomfortable and unhealthy because it can lead to dry skin or nosebleeds, not to mention damage electronic equipment, but adding moisture keeps the office healthy.

Alternative Workspaces

Having a comfortable workplace is important. That’s why employees may be given the option to work in alternative locations when their usual workspace is unavailable due to renovation or repairs, for example, or they simply want a change of scene. Some companies have found that offering this perk can boost employee morale and productivity by making them feel more at home

This includes working at the in-office coffee shop or the building garden. Many major companies such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft already provide alternative workplaces for their employees. Workers who don’t want to sit in their cubicles all day can go someplace else where they feel comfortable and more creative.

A Great View

Employees are more productive when they have a great view to look at while working behind their computer screens. In an office building, this may come in the form of a big window

But if you operate in a commercial location or have no windows in your office, you can still add a view. This can be in the form of a gallery wall with photos and paintings to show off the places where employees have visited. They can also show the art pieces they’ve created themselves.

Lobbies and waiting areas should also be decorated with paintings, photos, or other artwork. This will keep clients entertained while they’re waiting for their appointments, and it will also help to relieve stress for employees who are waiting for someone.

Using these additional benefits will keep your employees happy and productive. If you’re struggling with office morale, consider providing one or more of these perks to improve your employees’ health and wellbeing.

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