Ensuring Your Rental Property’s Security: What You Can Do

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Owning rental properties is a great way to earn consistent revenue. But it can be very vulnerable to external threats like thieves and squatters. This is especially relevant when the property is empty. Adding a few security upgrades can be a good idea and even raise the value of the property. Here are some improvements that can make your property secure and safe.

Add Some Fencing

The simplest and most effective way to protect your rental property is to have a fence around it. Thieves are essentially lazy. They don’t want to exert additional effort when there are easier targets. The installation of a wood fence will only have a minor cost, which will be enough to discourage them. Raise it to a sufficient height, and they will hesitate. The great thing about it is that the fencing can also be very decorative if you do it right. This can improve curb appeal and attract tenants. The tenants will like the possibility of keeping their pets and children inside the property with good fencing.

Install Lighting

Another thing that a lot of thieves are afraid of is being seen. When they break into a property, they prefer it to be dark. This is where good lighting comes in. Install automatic lights on the exterior of your property. Place them at the entrances and the windows. You can even have them on the walkways of your property. Solar lighting can be a good choice for these since they will never run out of energy. During the day, solar panels charge up the batteries, and they can turn on at night. This allows lighting even with no one on the premises.

Upgrade The Windows And Doors

The windows and doors of your property are the main entry points for an intruder. This means that they should focus on any effort to beef up the security of a property. There are several upgrades you can make. One of these is getting sturdier doors and window frames. This ensures that doors and windows can’t just be kicked down or pried open. Additionally, you can install tougher locks. Deadbolt locks are simple, but if they are active, they can be excellent security lock options for any entrance.

Invest In Security Cameras

It would be best if you also considered buying and installing prominent security cameras. Modern versions of security cameras can send their camera feed online so that you can check them anytime. This also allows for camera recordings to be stored someplace else. If someone does trespass on your property, you will have an idea of who they are unless they cover their faces. It also allows you to check in on your tenant when you have one. Have these installed and positioned at entrances and where there is a good view of the property.

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Alarm Systems Can Be A Big Help

Besides cameras, you should think of investing in alarm systems. There are several types available, and you might consider installing several of them. First, there are motion-sensor alarms that can trigger when someone walks into a restricted area. This can be a great choice when linked to lights so that it can frighten away intruders. Other alarms can alert the local police if there has been a break-in. You can also get alarms to protect from other threats. Get smoke alarms so that a potential fire can immediately be detected. Your potential tenants will love all these security improvements.

Hire Security

The best form of protection your rental property could have is an actual security service. Several security services can drop by and check on rental properties. This ensures that no one is squatting on the property. Additionally, when your tenants have moved in, they can come by occasionally to check on what is happening. Some alarm systems can also notify local security to check on the property instead of the police. If you want someone to check on the condition of the house, you can also hire a property manager to ensure that everything is fine.

All these changes are a good investment. Spending to protect your property from trespassers ensures that they will retain their value, and you don’t have to spend money later on fixing things or evicting squatters. Additionally, many of these changes can be a way to attract tenants. They like to feel safe, and adding these improvements ensures they will be when they move in. Decide on which upgrades are affordable to you and implement them to your advantage.

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