The Ways of the Rich and Wealth-Building Tips for Young Professionals

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Social media is frequently buzzing about the rich and famous celebrities and supermodels, whose Instagram pages are full of glitz and glamour that scream “life goals”. Indeed, a collection of designer handbags and clothing, a garage full of luxury cars, a hundred-acre mansion, and a prime real estate property in Monaco and other wealthy countries are easily enviable.

But aside from public figures, there are other extremely affluent people that we don’t recognize — and that’s because they prefer keeping a low profile, despite the overwhelming digits of their account balances. The low-profile rich may actually be more relatable than we think because they don’t set unrealistic standards and project themselves as unreachable.

If you long to make your “life goals” a reality, let’s look at the success secrets of the super-rich but ordinary people.

1. Buying Only What You Can Afford

The low-profile rich started building their wealth through this habit. They don’t overspend and stretch out their budgets to keep up with the latest trends, like in technology, for example. Even now that they can afford the most expensive cars and jewels, they still tend not to overindulge in those. Warren Buffet, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and a prominent figure in the world of investment, has a net worth of $65 billion, yet he still lives in the same house he bought in 1958. He also doesn’t own multiple homes and cars.

Of course, this isn’t to say that you should live in the same old flat for the rest of your life. It only tells us that we should wait until we can truly afford a better place we can call our own before moving out.

2. Learning Continuously

The rich are where they are now because they treat knowledge as the best investment. Gaining more knowledge brings you closer to your goals, so always be open to learning.

3. Saving and Investing Early

The rich believe that their money should work for them and not the other way around, so they start saving and investing as early as they can. They also invest in good insurance coverage, because they plan for the future.

4. Spending Wisely

When a tremendous amount of cash comes their way, they don’t spend it on an impulse. This points us back to the first secret: spending below their means. They prioritize buying their needs over their wants.

5. Avoiding Debt

using a credit card

Keeping your debts at a minimum is beneficial. Limit your use of your credit cards and always pay your bills on time.

Wealth-Building Tips for Young Professionals

You can begin building your wealth now, regardless of your current financial situation. Start by increasing your contribution to your retirement savings. Increase it by at least 1% each year. Considering you still have a lot of time before reaching the retirement age, you should’ve saved a lot by then.

Research and study profitable investment products and start building up your portfolio. When the market becomes volatile, don’t panic and make ill investment decisions. Make a plan and stick to it, even if it means leaving your investments alone while the market adjusts.

When you experience a windfall, remember what the rich do: spend wisely. Experts recommend the 50/50 strategy, where you set aside half a portion for now, and the rest for future use, such as a retirement fund. It’s also advisable not to rush into buying a new car. Monthly payments in a car loan can be your number 1 wealth-building impediment. Not to mention a car’s value depreciates quickly.

Saving for an emergency fund is also essential. You can invest in insurance or open a separate account specifically for emergency purposes. Choose an account type that earns interest over time.

Just like the rich, always pay off your debts and bills on time. Once you learn to control your spending habits and realize the value of saving and investing, you’d be basking in your immense fortune in the future.

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