Where to Go Off-Road: Hot Travel Spots for Your 4WD

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A four-wheel-drive (4×4) car or truck is also called a 4WD, where the vehicle’s engine can power all four wheels evenly. It allows you to drive over the roughest terrains, making four-wheeling driving a popular pastime for avid adventurers and drivers who want a challenge. If you’re considering buying a new or used 4WD SUV from established car dealers, the best time is now.

To help you get the most out of your 4WD, here are the best off-road destinations that allow you to bask in the scenic beauty of different places around the country that are usually not accessible by regular cars or on foot.

These are ideal for long-weekends or family holiday adventures, providing you with a road trip of a lifetime.

Death Valley National Park

Although its name can be intimidating, this vast park in California is an excellent choice to test out your 4WD driving skills while enjoying the beauty of canyons, mountains, and forests. Although 91% of the park’s over 3 million acres of land are protected, more than 1,000 miles of paved dirt roads are accessible to the public, offering an abundance of fun opportunities for exploration and recreation.

Lake Havasu City

This scenic city in Arizona is well-known for its London Bridge, the second most popular tourist attraction right after the Grand Canyon. It’s home to several trail networks situated at the heart of some of Arizona’s most breath-taking scenery, including vast desert, canyon trails, and dunes. You have the choice of four-wheeling from low-speed rock crawling to daring high-speed cruising through sandy arroyos, depending on your abilities and your car’s capabilities.


This city is one of the best places in the United States to test out your 4WD, allowing you to cruise around stunning red rock formations. However, Moab, Utah’s trails can be unforgiving, requiring physical, mechanical skills, and patience, but it’s worth the reward. And besides the iconic red rocks, trails like the high-altitude Paiute allows you to enjoy miles of vast summits, stunning blue skies, and wildlife such as moose, elk, or deer, adding to the unforgettable experience. Many consider Moab as the ultimate adventure destination for hardcore four-wheelers.

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Big Bend National Park

In the heart of Southwest Texas is this iconic park, which is one of the largest national parks in America, boasting over 800,000 acres of land. It features over 50 miles of passable dirt roads that follow a portion of the Rio Grande, forming its southern boundary. It’s also one of the most remote parks, allowing you to cruise around without worrying about bumping into other drivers, enabling you to appreciate the park’s beauty more.

Upper Peninsula

Driving along the Upper Peninsula’s vast forested areas in Michigan allows you to enjoy hundreds of miles of pine- and cedar-covered canopy roads, enabling you to bask in stunning beaches, forests, rivers, lakes, and the second-largest waterfall, the Tahquamenon Falls.

Black Hills National Forest

This lush forest in South Dakota offers over 600 miles of scenic trails perfect for 4WDs, allowing you to enjoy pleasant rides over grassy plains or challenge your skills in heavily wooded trailers or rock-filled areas. These trails are connected with more than 500 miles of roads open to all kinds of vehicles, providing an array of opportunities for road trips.

Get the most out of your 4WD and test out your skills by visiting these six stunning off-road locations, helping you improve your skills while basking in the beautiful scenery.

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