3 Strategies to Fund Your Travels Around the World

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About 37.8 million Americans traveled overseas in 2019. Maybe you are not one of them but would like to join them. Perhaps you have always yearned to travel around the world but have no idea how to fund your dreams. Here are several strategies you can do to visit the places you have always dreamed about — without breaking the bank:

   1. Travel via Peace Corps

You can see the world via the Peace Corps. Become a volunteer and use your skills to help people in different countries. This is a good way to explore the world at a minimal cost.

Working for the Peace Corps means your flight expenses will be covered. You will receive a monthly stipend, as well as medical and dental coverage. In return, you need to spend time working to help others, which means your traveling schedule may not be as flexible as you would like it to be. But it is a way to see the world that is worth considering.


   2. Work for accommodation

If you love farming or are interested in agriculture, consider working for room and board. Platforms like WWOOF provide you with worldwide opportunities to work on organic farms. You may have to spend a few hours each day working on the farm in exchange for accommodation. Some farm owners may even provide you with meals. If you have always wanted to share your farming skills with people from different parts of the world, this is a good opportunity.

While you will not be getting any money by using WWOOF, you can cut down the cost of your accommodation abroad. That will free up funds you can use to enhance your traveling experiences in other ways.

   3. Sell your home and fund your travels

The median price for North Carolina homes, for instance, is slightly over $200,000. While it may not seem like much, in reality, it is a lot of money to spend living in other countries. The cost of living is much higher in the US than it is in many other countries. That means even a fifth of that amount can help you travel comfortably in many parts of the world.

If you decide to pack up your bags and explore the world, consider companies that pay cash for homes in North Carolina for a fast transaction. Invest a big fraction of what you get and use the rest to see the world. Being able to fund your travels enables you to have a flexible traveling schedule. You can do what you want anytime you want to.

There’s no one way to live life, and meeting people from other places will help you discover new cultures and gain new experiences. But traveling comes with a cost. Fortunately, it is possible to travel affordably and see the world without having to incur debts to do so. All you need to do is tap your skills and other resources and be open-minded about what you can do to fund your travels.

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