A Secret Garden: How to Create One at Home

potted plants
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Home is a place for you to prepare for the day and bond with your family, as well as somewhere for you to go to for rest. But sometimes, even the house and the people living with you can become a source of stress. If this is your situation, then you know that you’ll need somewhere to be alone in. One of these personal retreats that you can arrange yourself is a secret garden. Try following this guide for a good start on your greenery.

Garden Layout

As your special personal place, your secret garden is best created with a theme that you like. If you’re savvy enough at landscaping, then you can try laying it out by yourself. Otherwise, it will be best if you leave the design to the professionals. Take inspiration from what you’ve seen, heard, smelled, touched, tasted, and even from what you’ve imagined. You can also think back on what you first loved about your home when it was still land for sale along Donnybrook Road.

Plant Choice


Each area has its climate, topography, and soil type, so usually, each of them will have different plant types and species that thrive. As much as possible, you should try to pick plants that are a perfect fit for your home’s conditions. If you can, get species that grow locally. Consider colors and shapes in your selections. Will they look good together, and will they go well with your overall design? This should be a significant consideration in your choice of layout.


Just because the plants that you’ve chosen are low-maintenance, doesn’t mean that you can leave them alone. They’re still living beings that have needs, after all. Make sure that you’re ready to tend to them eventually. Familiarise yourself with the necessary knowledge on how to take care of the plants that you have and get yourself the equipment and materials that you need. Of course, the level of attention that you can give should be a factor in species selection as well.


As sure as the sun rises, it sets as well. You might want to go to your garden at night, but it won’t be as pleasant without some light. Relying on the moonlight can sound rather romantic, but you can’t rely on it all the time, considering its phases. You can choose to place small lights on the path itself to light it or use lamp post-type ones to brighten up the surrounding plants as well. You can even decorate some of them with lights if you don’t mind.

Going through these points will give you a more solid idea of what you want your garden to look like. This fact will make it easier for you to describe it to a professional landscaper, who will then make sure that you get the garden that you want. When you take the time to have the place designed well and prepare for it, you’ll be able to keep it until you grow old.

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