Rewarding Career Paths for the Artistic and the Creative

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In today’s world, many are misled into thinking that all the world needs to keep going around are people with highly technical and practical skills. Many people view the arts as something that only has to do with leisure and entertainment. Thus, a career in the arts and creatives industry is typically frowned upon.

While it is true that parents let their kids take ballet, music, and other art-related classes, they never really considered that their kids might take an interest in arts, entertainment, and media and consider pursuing a career in them.

Is a Career in the Arts a Wise Choice?

Many people tend to view the arts and creatives as impractical. You can’t make a successful career without being a performer or artist unless you make it big. Even then, it takes years of struggling and juggling multiple jobs to support an artistic passion. Take, for instance, how many Hollywood actors had to wait on tables for years before getting their big break. Or how singers had to play countless low-profile gigs and submit numerous demos before producers noticed them.

In short, a lot of folks don’t consider taking up an artistic career a wise decision. But that’s not entirely true. Contrary to what most people think, Hollywood isn’t the only place where people who have serious artistic and creative inclinations can succeed.

10 Rewarding Career Choices for the Creative Person

Highly creative and artistic people have plenty of other options to pursue a career path that allows them to operate in their natural giftings. Here are a few great examples of rewarding careers for artists:

1. Music, Drama, and Art Teacher

One of the more obvious career choices for a creative person is becoming a teacher in a drama school, music theory college, or art institution. However, you will need to get the proper training and education to qualify as a licensed teacher.

2. Author and Writer

For those gifted with a wild imagination and an excellent command of the language, a career as a writer or an author might be something worth considering. It takes a tremendous amount of creativity to put together words that keep readers engaged and wanting more.

3. Editor

If you’re the type of person whose gifted in improving existing work, able to turn something good into something better, you might want to consider a career as an editor.

architect making a sketch

4. Architect

Architects require technical know-how and high creativity to develop different building designs to solve client requests and concerns. It takes a special kind of person to juggle both the design and technical aspects of the construction process.

5. Animator

Whether you’re working with 2D or 3D animation, being an animator requires a great deal of creativity. However, just like architecture, it is also a career that requires technical skills on top of having a vivid imagination.

6. Industrial Designer

One of the most challenging jobs for any creative mind is being an industrial designer. This profession combines not just art and engineering but business as well. Industrial designers develop a wide range of products, from action figures to car parts and accessories.

7. Director and Producer

Producers and filmmakers are the primary reasons why we have the kind of entertainment we have today. From movies to podcasts, these brilliant minds are constantly coming up with new ways to keep us entertained for hours on end.

8. Makeup Artist

To be honest, being a makeup artist requires only very little formal education. You need to learn the basics to build the proper foundation to get you started. But ultimately, your longevity in the industry will depend on your creativity and skills. Plus, you can work closely with TV or film production if you haven’t built a career as a makeup artist or started your salon.

9. Fashion Designer

Being a fashion designer might seem fun and glamorous but make no mistake about it. The job requires creativity, artistry, and a visionary mind to produce the latest trends and stay ahead of the competition.

10. Art Director

An art director is in charge of creating artistic and visual campaigns used to promote businesses and companies. They are responsible for translating a company’s message into something exciting and attractive that will provide leverage and boost product sales. You need to be both artistic and business-savvy to succeed as an art director.

You don’t need to limit your creativity just because you think career opportunities for the creatives are few and far between. Creatives like you have many other options that allow you to utilize your natural gifts and talents and help make the world a more beautiful place.

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