Avoiding Cold Feet: Keeping Your Home Warm for Winter

Girl feeling cold outside in the winter
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Moving states can be difficult and come with many adjustments. While a new home, school, or office may take some getting used to, adjusting to the climate of snow and blizzard from a warm tropical state can take awhile. If you’re coming from California and find the cold in New York to be unbearable at times, keeping yourself warm at home may be your next step, especially when winter is coming around. The following are some simple steps on how to keep your home warm and insulated.

Cold Drafts

It may seem like a small step, but laying out towels or a blanket in points of entry for drafts can keep your home insulated in a simple, inexpensive manner. Keeping your windows sealed can also prevent cold drafts from entering the house. If you have a fireplace or vinyl windows installed in your Utah home, it could help keep the cool air down. Keeping curtains closed at night also helps, especially if they are thicker than usual.

Closing Doors

Closing doors and creating a heat pocket in a room can allow warm air circulation. Before you leave, close the door once more. If there appears to be a room at home that always seems to be colder for some reason, close that door, too.


This is your perfect chance to use that fireplace you never bothered using in the summer (if you have one). Before use, always have it evaluated and be prepared for the costs of maintenance and checks (anywhere between  $100 to $400). If that sounds good to you, sitting next to open fire on a cold winter night is definitely a warmer experience with a more natural heat source. Be aware though that the fire still poses as a hazard and should be monitored.


Yes, the oven not only cooks your food but can also be used to warm up your home while cooking or baking. Once finished, leave the oven open to let the warm air disperse around the room. Do note though that your room may smell like food when doing this.

Smart Thermostat

Ranging from $200 and above, thermostats nowadays are sophisticated and control your home furnace with the help of sensors detecting someone and changing the heat temperatures. Smart thermostats can be monitored and conotrolled via smartphone apps and can also learn your behavior through predictions and scheduled forecases of the weather.

Air Filter

Woman and child's hands warm up in a heater

The warm air from your furnace must be free-flowing and not be congested by dust particles. Having your equipment inspected frequently and replacing disposable filters every few months can help insulate your home with clean air and surroundings. Be sure to buy more than one disposable filter so your home is stocked up and ready for the colder seasons.

Aside from keeping the place warm, don’t forget to keep yourself insulated and warm enough for the winters and cold fronts. Going ahead and sipping a warm cup of coffee, wearing a stylish jacket and winterwear can help you adjust to the new temperatures and eventually, you’ll be ice skating and skiing in no time.

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