Why Working From Home Benefits Companies

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Workplace revolutionists long predicted work from home, but they didn’t factor a pandemic into the projection. While pandemic may have been a Gordian knot, the benefits it brought about in the flexibility of professional space cannot be ignored.

The remote work has garnered earlier attention and acceptance than it could have at the normal pace. Moreover, the benefits for employees from this are clearer than glass. But do you know that benefits for employers, although far from obvious, have hit the big time as well?

Here are a few advantages of remote work for businesses:

1. Lowered Operational Costs

Talking biz and ignoring expenses is not a fair deal. Business and costs go hand in hand. For any enterprise business to sustain itself, it requires calculating cash flow out movements. Working remotely can help you save on costs associated with in-office or on-site expenses.

Operations such as start-up inventory including office space, equipment, heat, electricity, etc can be mitigated. It doesn’t mean you should totally give up the office space but sweeping the yard with smart tech choices is in vogue.

With the practice of hot-desking in the picture, you can easily save up the office space to be used. According to a report in Bloomberg, Google was able to save $1 billion in a year with the remote work setting.

2. Increased Safety

Gone are the days when we found our Uber driver racing the speed against time. Imagine how it would have been at the moment!

The work-from-home arrangement has put the employers at lesser risk as they don’t have to rush their cars to the office while putting their lives at stake. It has eased out the safety aspect for both employers and employees.

However, if you find your driver driving rashly or get injured in an Uber accident, get in touch with a car or rideshare accident lawyer quickly. They will help you get through all the legal procedures needed for damage recovery.

3. Decreased Environmental Impacts

How on Earth can we forget our Mother Earth? The climate change situation has already worsened, but we are somehow happy that the pandemic came in to put it at a halt. As much as a prominent business affects the environment, a small business does that, too.

In an offline mode of work, much negative impact on the environment is caused by overuse of non-renewable resources during commuting, facility maintenance, office equipment, energy usage, etc. But with remote work, you can remarkably reduce your carbon footprint.

4. Higher Productivity of Employees

At the heart of any business stands its employees. According to many recent studies, working from home has been linked to increased employee productivity. A survey called FlexJobs-Work-Life-Relationship showed that 84% of the respondents reported better mental health after a flexible job.

Besides, if an employer has a well-maintained workplace at home, it would add to his productivity and efficiency than in a traditional office setting. Thus, it’s not just the employees that reap the benefits of remote work but the businesses, at larger.

5. Higher Employee Retention Rates

Employee discussion isn’t going off-air anytime soon. So let us see how benefits to employees are directly proportional to benefits to the enterprise businesses. The major problem for any enterprise is balancing its business and the frequent employee turnover.

However, with remote work, more employees are switching to job retention. For the employees who used to commute or even those who resorted to relocation during offline settings, a flexible job came as a relief.

They can now efficiently work in the comfort of their own homes, pursue their hobbies and meet family commitments. Consequently, the businesses- be it small or large, have experienced a higher retention rate of employees, which has been no less than a jackpot for them.

6. Inviting a Pool of Talented Employees

We have already zoomed in on the effects on productivity, family commitments, and comfort of the employees that work from home brings in. Apart from this, it has allowed businesses to hire more talented people and build a better team.

It has diversified the pool of applicants, making it a tough but highly calculated choice by the hiring panel. Of course, hiring fresh talent accelerates the business to new heights along with saving the logistic expenses occurring in the traditional hiring process. It might not be the benefit you expected, but now that you know it, hit the We are Hiring button.

Final Thoughts

For both businesses and individuals, working from home can be beneficial. Remote work flexibility can result in enhanced work-life balance, increased productivity, cost savings, and so on.




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