Best Home Service Businesses That Are Pandemic Proof

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The home services industry is one of the largest in the world. It’s a great place to start your first company, especially if you don’t have the appropriate funds just yet. If you don’t know what kind of home service business you should start, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five home services businesses that are technically thriving during the pandemic.

Deep-Cleaning Business

Deep cleaning has become an important home service business, especially during the pandemic. It’s the leading service utilized for sanitization when there are signs of infection in a home. In addition, some deep cleaning businesses work closely with companies to sanitize infected homes and business offices from the virus.

Cleaning is a business that’s relevant to every country. One can argue that it’s even more essential for countries like the US, which has the world’s biggest houses. Americans spend hours during their weekend to keep their homes clean. This isn’t optimal if they want to spend time with themselves and their family. This is where a deep cleaning business comes in.

Deep cleaning is the process of cleaning a home from top to bottom. Say you have many trees on your property. If you haven’t had your roofs cleaned in a while, deep-cleaning services also offer roof and gutter cleaning to keep your home pristine. So why can’t you do this for a business? Moreover, they are potentially the primary protection against the pandemic because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s also your primary defense against mold and grime accumulating in your home.


Landscaping will always be a staple home service regardless of where you live. There are about 600,000 landscaping businesses in the United States alone. Because of the industry’s growth and massive demand for the services, it’s expected to have more businesses in the coming years. This is a good sign if you’re interested in joining the landscaping industry. This means that there’s enough room for your business.

Landscaping is one of the cheapest and easiest businesses to start. You don’t even have to dedicate your whole time to running the business. This means that you don’t have to quit your day job just yet. This can optimize your earnings while you prepare for the transition.

Additionally, landscaping is a straightforward job, but it has its intricacies. So starting, it’s better to concentrate on lawn care first while getting used to the other services you have to prepare.

Service provider installing new turf

Renewable Energy Contractor

Many Americans will be transitioning to renewable energy in the coming years. The main reason for this is that renewable energy is becoming much cheaper than coal and fossil fuel. As more people transition to renewable energy, more renewable energy contractors will be needed.

This business will require a decent amount of investment, but it’s something that can’t be fixed with a single business loan. You also have to build connections with certain manufacturers. However, you can also create your own supply chain if you’re interested.

There are many ways to start as a renewable energy contractor. Usually, the start is up to you and how much you are willing to risk. Thankfully, it’s not as expensive to start this kind of business anymore because of how abundant and cheap solar panels are nowadays. So you can certainly start this business this year without much risk.


Every home requires a certified electrician. Becoming one means giving yourself access to millions of people who need your help. A certified electrician can do all sorts of jobs, from home inspection to electrical repair. You can charge different for each job, making your earnings quite flexible. In addition to this, you can also expand to HVAC and even renewable energies.

Becoming an electrician requires you to invest years of your life into gaining that knowledge. But unlike most courses out there, you don’t have to spend too many years studying. Once you get your bachelor’s degree, you can start your own electrician business and work your way up. You can research how to run a business on the internet, and you should be good to go.

All Sorts of Handyman Services

Lastly, many handyman services do not require a degree. These services include plumbing, contractors, and interior design. Being a handyman is helpful in today’s society, and people make a decent living out of it. Moreover, it’s a business that’s easy to start.

You don’t require a bachelor’s degree to become a handyman. Most handymen can be high school graduates. However, you’re going to need some accreditations, especially if you want to become a contractor. Research the qualifications you need in your state to make your up as a handyman.


There’s a lot of money to be made in the service industry. And the key is choosing your field of expertise and what piques your interest. Keep this blog post in mind when choosing to get into this business.

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