Blue-collar Jobs That Thrive in the Global Health Crisis

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Many citizens from different countries lost their jobs when the pandemic started. In the United States alone, the unemployment rates reached 14.8% and remained higher by 5.8%. This shows that a lot of people are still struggling to recover from the crisis. Although many businesses have closed, there are still those that remain standing amid the pandemic. These businesses have offered blue-collar jobs and survived the economic problem. People who have been skilled and have experience working in blue-collar jobs found an edge to move on and at least survive unemployment.

What are blue-collar jobs, and why are these businesses still booming today? Blue-collar jobs involve manual labor. They can either be any type of work that employs manual laborers. These are jobs that can be paid at an hourly rate or simply after a project has been done. If a project requires a massive amount of work, it can involve a lot of skilled workers. These jobs also require more exposure in the field and involve a lot of time. Here are some blue-collar jobs that can help people earn their keep.

Vehicle’s best friend

A mechanic can either handle motorcycle repairs or automotive repairs. Regardless of the task, being a mechanic is still one of the surviving jobs today. There are still engine repairs that need to be fixed, and nobody does it but a mechanic. Cars and motorcycles still need to be maintained for leisure and, of course, safety. The pandemic taught us that using a personal vehicle can be safer than risking yourself inside public transport. Transportation has always been a necessity for everybody, and all vehicles need maintenance and care. This is why a mechanic turned out to be important in this matter.

pipe line expert

Pipeline expert

Every household can experience a leak one way or another. Most of the time, there are water leaks that the head of the family cannot handle on their own. This is where a plumber comes in. Plumbing is one of the blue-collar jobs a person can do to earn a living. With proper protocols, being a plumber still survives amid the pandemic. A plumber is a person you contact to help you maintain a safe and secure pipeline. There are also many types of plumbing services, and everything can be learned by searching online or attending workshops. This type of blue-collar job also provides a person with flexibility and good management of their time.

Man with a badge

Being a police officer is also considered a blue-collar job. It involves safety and security no matter what the season or day it is. A police officer is needed to monitor all activities in their jurisdiction. They maintain peace and order all the time, and without them, anything could happen. Police officers are the people required to be present at all times. During the pandemic, they are the ones who guide everybody to safety. From securing houses to safeguarding roads, they are here to serve and protect.

Water bearer

Being a firefighter is one of the amazing blue-collar jobs. Firefighters are unsung heroes who save lives during a fire emergency. Although they are not facing criminals and thugs alike, they face a disaster that makes it even more difficult to fight. Firefighters are always in demand because they are the only people trained to extinguish a fire without causing harm to anybody. They are the heroes who go to people in their times of need. Like police officers, they are the ones who keep society’s peace.

Strong builder

Either being a construction manager or a worker is one of the surviving blue-collar jobs today. Construction never stopped, even in the time of the pandemic. Although there may be impacts on the construction industry when the pandemic started, other companies that already have established contracts and funds continue to pursue their projects. It means that construction workers are still needed to finish what has been started. It is business as usual for some construction companies, and their workforce continues to earn a salary.

There are still many other job opportunities out there. But if you consider working with your hands and want to flex your muscles a bit, a blue-collar job might be suitable for you. Just remember that this is not a summer job that you should not take seriously. These jobs are sensitive and require a lot of focus and strength. They can cause a lot of trouble if not given proper attention and time. But feel free to try these jobs. They are not just physically challenging; they also develop a person’s skills.

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