Bold and Beautiful: Designing Your Small Bathroom

bathroom at home
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When it comes to home design, the bathroom is often an overlooked area. Many homeowners do not prioritise this area, thinking that it is only a space hidden behind closed doors. However, take note that you can have visitors who will need to use your bathroom. You do not want them to have a wrong impression of you because of a badly-designed area. That is why you need to plan your bathroom improvement, especially if its size is limited.

You may think that designing a small bathroom is as easy as doing away with old, grimy tiles. It is one way, but remember that your bathroom may need a lot of work, especially if it still looks cramped and dingy, no matter how hard you clean it. In this case, you may choose to carry out a simple or partial renovation. If you do not know where to start, let this article help you out.

Ditch the unnecessary storage spaces

When you come to think of it, what makes your bathroom small is the number of storage spaces that you have inside. Now, check if all these spaces are filled with the bathroom essentials—from towels to hand lotions and medicines. If most of these drawers and shelves are not in use, remove them. Instead, focus on shelves that matter, such as that bathroom vanity you bought from New Zealand. Vanities double as a storage space, so maximise it.

Incorporate more utilities

Now that you will take out unnecessary storage spaces, you may consider adding more functional features and utilities. For one, if you have to let go of your large towel and toiletries shelf, you may add a free-standing tub. If you live in a condominium or a small apartment, you can place your washer and dryer in one corner of the space. To make sure that every utility you want will fit, you may have to rearrange the bathroom layout.

Go all out

Some people are not amenable to bathroom renovations, as they think that these are expensive. Well, bathroom redesigns are only costly when you fix a considerable space. But keep in mind that your bathroom is small, so you have an excuse to splurge. For one, invest in high-quality tiles. Replace your old showerhead with an expensive one. Install a large mirror to make the room look bigger.

Remove the dividers

bathroom divider

Your old bathroom might have dividers. So if you want your bathroom to have a much bigger space, break down the walls. If you still want to have a separation between the shower and the toilet, a glass wall will do the trick.

Your bathroom may be hidden behind closed doors, but know that your guests will have to use it at some point. If you want to leave a good impression of your home, you need to make this hidden space beautiful and functional. You can start small with minor adjustments, such as repainting the walls and doing away with the grimy tiles. But if you want a total overhaul, you may choose to rearrange the layout, such as positioning the items and features in different places.

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