Budget Considerations to Know When Building a Home or Remodeling

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If you are preparing for the construction of your new house or planning a major remodel that will require a new extension or addition, one of the first things you need to do is nail down your budget right from the start.

There are plenty of construction and design factors that can significantly impact the cost of your project. You need to know about these early on to avoid being disappointed and blindsided later on.

The Shape Matters – A Lot

Keeping to a simple shape would create a ripple effect on the entire building process, which in turn will keep your costs down and save you money. For example, opting for fewer turns and twists in your home’s shape enables individual contractors to work on the project more efficiently and quickly.

It’s also vital to keep in mind that curved walls may look beautiful, but are more challenging to pull off correctly and more costly to execute so go with straight lines instead.

The Size Also Matters

If your budget won’t allow you to build a house that satisfies your space requirements or at least one that’s similar to the size of neighboring homes, consider having your general contractor here in Salt Lake City design and construct a simpler or smaller house.

A massive home built for the sake of having a massive home might mean that you would have to sacrifice some custom details just to make sure that you don’t go over your budget.

The Roof Shape

The design of your roof could significantly impact your budget. Essentially, the primary purpose of a roof is to protect a building from the elements such as the sun, rain, and wind. Think of it as a hat. A hat with all the bells and whistles will naturally cost more than one with basic features.

The same applies to a roof. A roof with more gutters, hips, valleys, flashings, and downpipes will also cost more than a standard flat roof.

One Story vs. Two Story

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Aside from the advantage and ease of living in a one-story home, you can pass on the benefits to your contractors because they won’t need to organize a build that involves working on higher levels, incurring extra costs.

They won’t need to cart materials to and from the ground and build temporary staircases or scaffolding. And since scaffolding is a requirement for many construction works, your contractors will need it for almost the entire build, adding a significant amount to your budget.

Custom Details

It is every architect’s dream to have the opportunity to create custom details to a project, but bespoke details, like laser-cut screens over your enormous windows for instance, could cost you some serious cash. If you need to trim down your budget, it’s bespoke details like these that are the first ones to go.

Without a set budget for your new home or renovation, your contractors will simply sail through the project without a destination, map, or compass. You wouldn’t want to find out too late that you couldn’t afford the finished product, right?

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