How Do You Keep The Rust Off Your Water Heater?

Water heater maintenance
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Having a water heater is a must in every home, especially during the winter. But there are times when it can rust over time.

Having a properly working water heater helps keep the household running easily. But there will always come a time when your water heater will start to erode. Once that happens, rust will begin to form, which will then affect how your water heater functions.

Fortunately, you can effectively extend the life of your water heater by merely replacing a specific type of rod. But how does it work?

The basics of water heater anode rod

All the metal from any water heaters in Orem naturally corrodes in time. But you can effectively slow down the process by replacing the anode rod inside the tank once you see any traces of rust. The primary purpose of an anode rod is to protect the tank from corrosion.

The metals that comprise the rod rust more quickly compared to the tank lining. Thus, making it easier for ions as well as other minerals that cause rusting to leach to the metal. A few tanks only have one anode rod inside while others have several.

Replacing the anode rod

Water heater maintenance

Each anode rod has a limited lifespan. That’s why it’s essential to know how to replace one so that you can extend the life span of your water heater much longer. The first thing that you need to do is turn off the power outlet to your unit. Next, you need to shut off the access to the cold-water stocks.

Once it’s complete, you can then unscrew the rod found on the uppermost part of the tank and gently lift it out. See if there are any signs of corrosion already happening around it. To do that, you need to drain the water halfway through the tank to check for any rusty flakes. You’ll see if it’s in bad condition if the outer lining is already gone and exposes the inner core.

You can then replace the anode rod with a new one to protect the rust from building on the exterior lining. So that you can loosen the rod, you need to have a 1/2-inch drive impact wrench and an air compressor. If you don’t have one, you can go ahead and purchase a cheap impact wrench to break the rod free.

Once you’ve loosened up the rod, you can turn off the power and close the cold-water pipe using your impact wrenches. Make sure that the threads are break free before you drain the tank completely. Then, take the old rod off and replace it with a new one.

Managing your water heater is a must, especially if you want to make it last. That’s why you must learn how to maintain it regularly correctly. You also need to learn how to clean the tank so that you can remove everything that it has collected over the months. Doing these things will ensure that your water heater will last twice its lifetime.

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