Business Location: 3 Questions to Ask Before Making a Decision

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One of the things that affect the success of a business is its location. You may be establishing a new business or relocating. Regardless, finding the ideal location is essential.

You have many things to look at to decide whether a place is suitable for your business or not. You have more to consider than just the cost of the rent. Think about the local communities, the required permits, and the business’s potential to flourish in that area.

Before you surf the web for spaces for rent, list down all the things you are looking for in a place. Set an ideal budget. Include all expenses in the total computation. Don’t forget about the maintenance costs.  That should make your search easier and more efficient. To help you, here are the things that you should consider in your hunt for the ideal location.

Will you make a profit?

Everybody’s goal in putting up a business is to earn money. Consider profitability when looking for a place. You should do a study on the needs and consumption behavior of customers in an area.

Is there a need for your product in that community? Are people willing to spend? Can they afford your product or service?  Answer these questions first before you sign the lease.

It would help if you also considered different factors that may affect the volume of customers in your area. Is the location a place where people often drive by? Or do people usually go on foot around the area?

It would make no sense to open up an auto repair shop along a narrow alley where cars don’t usually pass by. If you plan to open a coffee shop, it should be where people would want to spend some idle time. Probably in an area with a lot of corporate offices.

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Can you afford the place?

Rent is expensive. That’s an unfortunate fact business owners can’t escape. However, renting is the way to go when you can’t afford to buy your own space yet.

You are expected to have projected your finances long before looking for a location. Your business plan should include this. It would be best if you had estimated how much you could set aside for rent. That is after considering the projected revenue every month.

Ask brokers and agents about the current costs of places in different neighborhoods.  This will help you to come up with a shortlist of spaces you are considering.

Something you should know about when looking for a place is tax incentives. Different states offer tax breaks or grants to businesses. This is because companies help boost the local economy. These incentives differ from state to state, so make sure to compare them. See what would be most beneficial for your business. But of course, do not sacrifice other considerations just for these. It’s best to make a checklist and tables to help you in your decision-making.

Is the location appropriate for your business needs?

Maybe you have decided on the state and the city already. It’s time to consider the actual place itself. Your business needs should determine whether the area is the right one for you.

If you run a food business, then the place should have kitchen facilities. The original layout of the site should cater to the needs of your business. You may need an elaborate water system. Is there a place where you can install a hot and chilled water buffer tank? In short, if the place doesn’t have facilities and space for things that are a significant need for your business, cross it off the list.

Another consideration is parking space. As a customer, how often did you skip going to a place because there is no available parking? Take into consideration the zoning rules as well. Local ordinances may not allow you to operate according to zoning rules. Ask an agent or your landlord before signing the lease. Take a look at the requirements for acquiring business licenses and permits.

Other considerations would be proximity to suppliers and competition. It is not enough that you are close to your target market. Consider how much it will cost to get raw materials and supplies. Identify whether it is a good idea to be right next to a business like yours.

These are some things to keep in mind when looking for the perfect business location. It will be a long and challenging process, but it is an important one. You wouldn’t want to risk your business’ potential because of avoidable wrong choices.

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