Business Security: Is Your Company Safe?

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Security is one of the most important aspects of your business that you can’t ignore. Without it, your business and your employees are exposed to dangers such as vandalism, theft, and others. To steer clear of such concerns, follow these pieces of advice.

Hire a Reputable Security Agency

The number of security personnel you need depends on the size of your business and its premises. Guards should be present at every entrance or exit. In a retail business, such as a large grocery store, a supermarket, an appliance store or something similar, you may also hire internal security guards dressed as regular shoppers to prevent shoplifting. Roving guards should be present at the parking lot.

You can also hire your own security personnel without going through an agency. You’ll have to arm and equip them. They’ll need licensed firearms, training, the applicable clearances and psych evaluations, and emergency car accessories in KS or elsewhere for the vehicles they use for roving your premises.

Keep Your Premises Illuminated

This goes for both indoor and outdoor premises. Darkness is a friend to would-be law violators. Your parking lot, for example, should have abundant lighting to protect your customers and employees. You also don’t want it to be a place where shady characters meet up to do their shady business deals.

Build a Fence

It’s a lot less tempting for criminal elements to enter your premises if there’s a sturdy fence around it. It might not be a foolproof form of protection, but it does help. In case something does happen, you can also secure your premises immediately by closing the gates.

Install a Robust CCTV Network of Cameras

CCTV camera

CCTV cameras have become the norm in security, and you can’t afford to ignore their usefulness in improving the safety of your premises. Make sure there are cameras everywhere. Your fence is a good place to start installing cameras. You need cameras indoors, as well. Every entrance and exit, including the loading docks, should have cameras running 24/7 too. Trained experts should always be watching the footage. It’s a good idea to have the footage uploaded to a cloud or off-site server, so you can still access it whatever happens to your business premises.

Invest in a Sniffer Dog

If your place of business is that big, or if the items you’re selling are that valuable, it might not be too much to have a dog to sniff out dangerous things. The main gate or entrance of your premises, as well as the loading dock, are good areas to have the dogs.

Save Your Data Elsewhere

Physical threats are not your only concern. These days, data mining or theft and other such activities are getting more attention. To protect your data, hire a good IT security company. It’s also wise to store your data in servers that are located off-site. Service providers that offer this typically have their servers tucked away in discreet and heavily secured fortresses. In case of an attack or a fire, your data wouldn’t be wiped out. Make sure to do this especially if your patrons’ data is important enough that the loss of such data might land you in a courtroom.

There are many ways to keep your business secure against theft, vandalism, pilferage, and other criminal threats. Don’t settle for the basics. Make sure you have redundant safeguards for your protection and the protection of your employees and customers.

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