Car Upgrades for the Modern Driver

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Make your car a bit better with upgrades that won’t burn holes in your wallet. With some money, you can make your car safer, more environmentally friendly, handle better — all the while looking great. Don’t bother buying a more expensive car if you can make your old one better.

1. High-performance Wheels

You’ll immediately notice several changes to your car’s performance once you switch to high-performance wheels. It will have superior acceleration while also having more braking power. High-performance wheels grip the road tighter, allowing precision handling when you need it.

Switching will elevate your driving experience, giving you a better feel for the road. Casual drivers might not fully enjoy their benefits, but avid drivers will certainly notice the difference. Take your car to the tracks and let it go for a few laps on weekends, and experience the thrill of pushing your machine to its limits.

2. Better Shocks

Bumps are getting more common, and awful road conditions can leave you staggered by the time you get home. Good shock absorbers can make your trips smoother and more comfortable. They keep your tires firmly planted on the ground while keeping your vehicle stable through changing road conditions. Good shocks are essential if you have babies or kids napping in your car. A sudden jolt can end their slumber, leading to a more complicated trip.

You’ll also have a better appreciation of shock absorbers as you grow old. The ratting vibrations of bad roads can be tough on old bones, making car trips uncomfortable experiences. Get shocks with lower sets of springs. Go for the stiffer models, and don’t bother with adjustable tension unless you want to tinker with your shocks every single trip.

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3. Clear Wrap

Protect your car’s aesthetics with protection film or clear wrap. Your car is constantly exposed to the elements, and a clear coat of protection can ensure it retains its color and vibrancy for more years to come. Clear wrap protects your car’s paint from the fading effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation and serves as an additional barrier for minor nicks on the road. Choose your car shop well, as not every shop is equipped to install clear wrap properly. Opt for shops and services with experienced car protection film installers to ensure a proper job.

4. UV Film

Your car’s paint job isn’t the only thing at risk from UV. Every time you take your car out for a drive, you are exposed to significant amounts of UV radiation. UV damage accumulates through your daily commutes of 15-30 minutes. Chronic damage increases your risk of skin cancer and melanomas, particularly on the left side of your body. Modern windshields have built-in UV protection, protecting most of your body from the sun’s radiation.

However, your car’s windows don’t have similar protection, making the left side of your body vulnerable to UV. Several studies have found links to driving and the development of melanomas on one side of the body. Studies in the US note the development of melanomas on the left side of the body, while studies in the UK note the opposite.

Make your entire car safe by heading to the shop for UV-filtering film. UV film blocks 99 percent of UV radiation, as well as 80 percent of heat from sunlight. You don’t have to worry about driving around in a darkly-tinted car as UV-film can be as clear or as dark as you want.

5. Turbochargers

If you drive a classic car or an older model, your vehicle might need some turbocharging. Turbochargers suck in air, compressing it and then pumping it into the combustion chamber. Your vehicle will have more power while consuming less fuel and emitting less smoke and particulates. Turbochargers are essential in elevated states like Utah and Colorado. Thinner air makes it harder for engines to function optimally as the fuel to air ratio becomes skewed.

6. Race Seats

You’ll never know how comfortable it is to drive if you haven’t experienced driving with race seats. Race seats provide excellent support and comfort, making long trips less of a chore. Their aesthetics might not exactly match your car, but it’s a good trade-off for comfort. Add proper harness belts and increase the safety of your vehicle.

Drive a better car without spending money on a new one. A few minor changes will make your car feel like a different vehicle — one that’s safer, drives smoother, and is better for the environment.


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