Consider These Business Startups This Pandemic

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Even as the COVID-19 crisis continues to bring anxiety to a lot of people, industries across the world are gradually picking up the pieces and starting to do business as usual. Whether your business initially closed down at the height of the pandemic or you’re just considering starting a new venture, you should take the wise path and bank on businesses that have proven to be resilient amid the pandemic.

If you want to take the safe route and make sure that you’re not gambling your hard-earned money on a losing bet, here are some of the best pandemic business ideas you should consider:

Home wellness products

The COVID-19 crisis sure brought tons of stress and anxiety to a lot of people, which is why the home wellness market proved to be a viable business during such time. This means that if you want to capture that huge market, you should bank big on products that address the need of people to de-stress while keeping safe inside their homes.

Among other things, you should consider offering essential oils or massage chairs as these are part of the home wellness market. Quite a lot of home quarantined consumers actually opted to buy massage chairs online, as well as other products that offer a home spa experience. With COVID-19 not ending any time soon, you’re in for quite a promising stream of income for months to come.

Online deliveries/errands

Businesses that let people get essential items, as well as products that promote health and wellness became big businesses at the height of the pandemic’s rage. Online deliveries, for example, were pretty in demand ever since community lockdowns and stay-at-home orders were made by federal and state governments. Service providers who run errands for homeowners were also another bright spot throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

With a payment system, a service vehicle, and a few staff, you can already start your own online delivery or errand business, so be sure to include it on your list.

Cleaning services

As people panicked and wanted to ensure that their home and business premises won’t become a safe haven for coronavirus, cleaning services became a hit. Based on current projections, this trend might continue well until 2025, as homeowners and entrepreneurs continue to be keen on ensuring that their premises are kept in sanitary condition, particularly against COVID-19.

Home gardening supply

Instagram and Facebook feed literally exploded with photos and videos of proud homeowners showcasing their latest and most stunning achievements: those of the rarest and most beautiful plants. In fact, the rare plant market (and the home gardening market by extensions) has been proving to be at times bigger than the stock market, which is attributed to people who are forced to stay at home and to find hobbies to keep their sanity intact.

Knowing this, be sure to study if a home gardening supply business is something that you can handle well. With the pandemic showing indications of extending well throughout 2021 and even beyond, you can expect a ready market for a long time.

Online service provider


As businesses that offer services to people had to close down due to the pandemic, a lot of clients were left looking for service providers online. From accountants and tutors to writers and translators, there is an entire market dedicated to providing skilled services using online channels.

If you happen to possess skills that you think you can offer online or you know of people that you can hire to work for you, then don’t hesitate to consider this business idea.

Food truck

Food remained a viable business option even when COVID-19’s effect was at its height. As many people remain cautious about going to supermarkets where the risk of transmission is high, they turn to food trucks that offer affordable and delicious meals without the risk that a crowded area poses.
This is one business that doesn’t require huge capital, so it’s something that you must put in your list of options.

Home improvement contractor

As many homeowners had to convert some of their rooms for remote work while others saw it fit to pursue long foregone home renovations, the home improvement industry became a big performer amid the pandemic. While this option will require a considerable amount to kickstart, the return on investment that it could offer should be enough motivation to include it in your list.

Truly, great opportunities arise from desperate situations such as COVID-19. Just take your pick from these business ideas the one that you feel you can handle well with your budget, knowledge, and skills.

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