Five Ways to be a Fun and Engaging Boss

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Employees are the lifeline of every business. They are essential in doing the work and achieving the company’s goals. However, retention rates are at an all-time low, making it hard to retain various employees in businesses.

The median tenure now among many millennials is around two years. That’s relatively low when compared to many years ago. But why are employees leaving their companies earlier? Here are some of the reasons why.

Lack of Motivation

One of the primary reasons employees leave earlier than before is the lack of motivation. Motivation is the driving force behind an employee’s performance; without it, it can be difficult for them to stay engaged with their work.

Lack of Growth Opportunities

Another reason for the low retention rates is the lack of growth opportunities within a company. Employees want to feel like they are advancing in their careers. If a company cannot provide that, it may look elsewhere for more opportunities.

These opportunities are crucial for employees in various ways. First, they want to feel challenged and have the chance to learn new skills. Second, they want to continue advancing in their career and reach higher positions within a company. Lastly, it gives them higher pay which can be a good motivator and incentive for employees to stay.

Poor Company Culture

Poor company culture can also contribute to low retention rates. A toxic work environment lacking communication or dissatisfaction can lead employees to leave for better opportunities. In addition, poor company culture has discrimination, harassment, and a lack of work-life balance. All of these can make it difficult for employees to feel satisfied and motivated in their work.

Poor Management

Lastly, poor management can also play a role in employee turnover. Employees want to feel valued and respected by their managers, and if they do not receive this kind of treatment, they may choose to leave the company.

Additionally, the majority of good employees are because of a bad boss. This boss is unsupportive, does not give proper recognition, and lacks communication. Being a good boss is crucial for your company’s success. If you want to retain employees, you must find engaging and fun ways. Here are some ways you can do that.

Good communication among employees


First, you must start with mentorship. As a manager or business owner, your employees look up to you. They want to learn and grow under your guidance. Offer them the opportunity to learn new skills or tasks, and provide support and feedback in their development. Here are three steps you need to do when starting a mentorship program in your company:


You need to know the struggles of your employees. You also need to know where they need more mentorship and guidance. Use surveys to gather this information and provide a plan based on their responses.


Set clear goals with your mentee regarding what they want to achieve in the program. Make sure these goals align with their career aspirations and improvement in their job performance.

Regular Meetings

Schedule regular meetings with your mentee to check their progress and offer support where needed. This will ensure that they continuously develop throughout the program and reach those set goals.

Career Development Plans

Another way to retain employees is by creating individualized career development plans. These plans involve setting specific goals for their career growth within the company, offering training opportunities, and providing support and feedback to help them reach those goals.

Frequent Check-ins

In addition to career development plans, it is vital to have regular check-ins with employees. This allows you to see their progress and address any struggles they may be facing. It also shows that you care about their growth and success within the company.

Rewards and Incentives

Fun and engaging bosses are those that think about their employees. Therefore, it’s good to reward them with certain items from time to time. Giving them funny wine koozies is one way to tell your employees what you think about them. These koozies are also an excellent team-building activity where employees can bond over their favorite drinks. It’s a cheap gift but one that tells that you care. Additionally, incentives for reaching specific goals or achievements can motivate employees to work harder and stay with the company.

Compensation and Benefits

Lastly, offering competitive compensation and benefits can also retain employees for longer. Look at what other companies in your industry provide regarding salary and benefits, and make sure your offerings match or exceed theirs. This shows that you value your employees’ hard work and want to give them financial security.

Being a fun, engaging boss is one way to retain employees, but it is also essential to address issues such as poor management or lack of career opportunities. By addressing these concerns and implementing strategies like mentorship and rewards, you will see happier and more committed employees in the long run.

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