Enhancing A Home For Resale: The Ultimate Guide

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  • Start with the home’s exterior by repairing damages and installing new windows and doors to improve energy efficiency. 
  • Enhance curb appeal with landscaping, flowers, plants, stone walkways, and decks. 
  • Invite buyers by adding furniture or decorations to outdoor spaces such as porches or patios. 
  • Upgrade the kitchen by installing new appliances, painting or refacing cabinets, and upgrading countertops. 
  • Upgrade bathrooms to appeal to buyers by installing new fixtures, adding storage space, and choosing durable flooring options. 

The drastic modifications in housing and lifestyle brought on by the pandemic have led to a remarkable shift in remodeling and repair spending. In 2020-2021, outlays rose 23.8 percent over initial estimations of 12.5 percent! Though these expenditures will decrease this year, projections for 2023 remain incredibly optimistic at $485 billion – an increase of 10.2 percent or about $45 billion from previous calculations!

Despite the conservative estimates, many homeowners still plan to renovate their homes, especially if they plan to sell them. Selling a home can be daunting, but making necessary upgrades and enhancements can make the process much smoother. Spending money on home improvements can often yield a higher return on investment in the long run, making it a smart decision for homeowners looking to sell. This guide will discuss some of the best ways to enhance a resale home and how they can lead to a quicker, more profitable sale.

Impressive home curb appeal with a maintained lawn and clean driveway.

Start with the Exterior

First impressions are everything; the outside of a home is the first thing potential buyers see. Ensure your home’s exterior is immaculate by repairing any damages and giving it a fresh coat of paint. Homeowners should also consider installing new windows or doors to improve the home’s energy efficiency.

Curb Appeal

To enhance curb appeal, you should work with a reputable landscaper. Landscaping the lawn, adding flowers and plants, or building a deck or patio can help give your home the extra touch of appeal that prospective buyers like to see. Make sure to create a unique look with the right combination of trees, shrubs, and flowers. Also, consider installing stone walkways or decks for added appeal and value.

Inviting Porch

Finally, if you have an outdoor space like a porch or patio, make sure it is clean and inviting by adding furniture or decorations. This is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase the value of your home.

Update the Kitchen

The kitchen is among the most critical rooms in a home, and potential buyers often look at it as the centerpiece of the living area. Updating the kitchen can make a significant impact on a home’s value. Consider installing new appliances, painting or refacing cabinets, and upgrading countertops to add an updated and modern look to the space.

Increase Storage Space

Adding a pantry and extra storage space can make the kitchen more functional and appealing. Finally, consider replacing outdated flooring with tile or hardwood floors to give the room a fresh look. With these simple updates, you will surely increase your home’s value.

Update Fixtures and Appliances

Another important update is ensuring all fixtures and appliances are in good working order. Make sure all outlets and switches are functioning properly, that plumbing fixtures don’t leak, and that the sink is clean and clear. If necessary, replace any outdated or malfunctioning items to give buyers a sense of security when they enter the home.

Upgrade the Bathrooms

Bathrooms are another crucial space in a home that can determine a buyer’s decision to purchase. Updates can be as simple as adding new faucets or tiles, replacing the vanity, or even adding a new bathtub or shower. Changing outdated fixtures and colors can make a significant difference in the appeal of the space.

Additional Bathroom Amenities

When viewing bathroom upgrades, potential buyers may consider amenities like lighting, mirrors, and storage options. Consider making any necessary repairs to the walls or floors, too. When it comes to bathrooms, potential buyers want an inviting space that looks modern and is easy to maintain. Upgrading the bathrooms can be a great way to boost your home’s value and sellability.

Homeowner controlling appliances and devices in a home using a tablet.

Smart Home Technology

Investing in home automation technology can also increase the value of a home, especially in today’s world, where innovative technology is increasingly popular. Consider installing security systems, smart thermostats, and other internet-connected devices to help potential buyers visualize a safer and more convenient lifestyle in their new home.

Increase Energy Efficiency

Additionally, smart home technology can also increase energy efficiency and convenience of everyday tasks. Consider integrating motion sensors with lights or automated door locks for the ultimate in-home security and ease of use. With a few clicks, homeowners can control their thermostats, appliances, entertainment system, and more from their mobile devices or computer.

Selling a home can be stressful and time-consuming, but taking the necessary steps to enhance your home makes its resale much smoother. Focusing on the exterior, kitchen, bathrooms, and smart home technology can add immense value to your home and ensure a more profitable sale. So, get started and enhance your home for resale today!

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