Saving the Earth: Environmental Organizations Your Small Business Can Support

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Earlier this year, news broke out that climate change is driving Earth to a tipping point. The UN stated that if countries don’t reduce their carbon emissions by 2030, the effects of climate change could become irreversible. That’s only nine years from now, so we don’t have much time left.

But nine years can make a significant change if businesses and individuals make sustainable choices now.

Aside from reducing waste, saving energy, and conserving water, there are other things we can do to save the planet. For one, you can switch to solar power, but if your small business still has limited resources, consider this strategy instead: supporting an environmental cause.

This strategy is called cause marketing. Also known as cause-related marketing, it is the act of supporting a charitable cause or social issue and reaping marketing benefits from it. It’s part of an effective cause branding design. By branding your business as an environmental steward, you can raise funds to reduce pollution or curb climate change and see your reputation bolster.

To implement your cause marketing strategy, find an environmental organization to support. You can donate part of your sales to them or release occasional promos wherein all proceeds go straight to them. There are countless environmental organizations to choose from, but your small business can only commit to at least one. Here are some of your options:

1. Climate Emergency Fund

Climate Emergency Fund is a young organization. Established in 2019, the organization aims to quickly raise funds for groups engaged in climate protest. So far, they’ve already disbursed several thousands of dollars to and Extinction Rebellion.

In case you’re wondering how Climate Emergency’s support for street protests can make a difference, research has some helpful findings for you. Erica Chenoweth, Harvard political scientist, found that mobilizing 3.5% of the population could achieve systemic social change. So while you don’t have to urge your organization to join protests, you can at least support those who want to by donating to Climate Emergency Fund.


2. Pure Earth

Pure Earth is a lesser-known environmental organization that aims to solve pollution problems in low- and middle-income countries. It used to be called Blacksmith Institute. Founded in 1999, Pure Earth has completed 110 environmental remediation projects in 27 countries. They forge partnerships with governments, international communities, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and local agencies.

They’re a leader in global toxic pollution cleanup, so if your advocacy is reducing waste, Pure Earth is your match. Your donations will help them reach more countries and spread awareness about the effects of pollution in impoverished nations.

3. Clean Air Task Force

Clean Air Task Force specializes in addressing toxic emissions by coal-fired power plants in the U.S. They were established in 1996 and have been helping curb CO2 emissions and implement regulations on diesel shipping and methane emissions since. In 2009, they launched a campaign for giving tax incentives for carbon capture and storage.

According to Founders Pledge, donating to Clean Air Task Force would stave off CO2 at $1 per metric ton. So if you contribute $500, you can curb about 500 metric tons of CO2, which would make a huge difference. If your advocacy is providing safer and cleaner air for communities, choose Clean Air Task Force.

4. Farm Sanctuary

Did you know that meat production also harms the environment? That’s one of the reasons vegans urge the rest of us to adopt their diet as well. Livestock farming accounts for 18% of human-produced greenhouse gas emissions across the world. That’s more than the emissions of the automotive, aviation, and maritime transport industries combined.

Hence, if you sell vegan products, be it food, supplements, or cosmetics, consider donating to Farm Sanctuary. They provide shelter and care to animals rescued from livestock farming. They also promote law and policy changes for the benefit of animals slaughtered for food.

5. Oceana

Another big environmental problem the world faces is overfishing and ocean pollution. If your advocacy is preserving marine biodiversity, consider donating to Oceana. They’re an organization that aims to protect the ocean while boosting the world’s food supply. In addition, they raise awareness by using science-based facts and promote laws and policies that would preserve oceans and reduce water pollution.

6. Friends of Animals

To reduce instances of pet abandonment and stray animal overpopulation, you can make a pledge to Friends of Animals. Since their inception in 1957, they’ve already helped spay and neuter over 2.5 million pets. They also advocate against hunting and fur-collecting. If you’re a fashion brand, Friends of Animals may be your match.

Nothing is more fulfilling than knowing you’re making a positive change in the world. That you’re surrounded by like-minded people and customers makes it even better. People now prefer to support socially responsible businesses, so don’t fail them; supporting environmental organizations is the least you can do.

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