Essentials Pointers for Moving with Your Pets

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Relocating involves considering several factors that include keeping your fur babies safe and as comfortable as possible. You don’t want them to get stressed out or misbehave, do you? So if you are moving with pets anytime soon, here are some tips to make it without any hassle:

Prepare your pet carrier

This serves as their natural confinement intended for safety and security purposes. It also supports their needs for a sound habitat. So ensure to get their crate ready before the moving day. If you don’t have it yet, you can easily find one at any pet store. You may also want to place a blanket inside, so they can stay cozy throughout, regardless if they are in the backseat or bed liner. Some pets are uncomfortable with crates, but try introducing it slowly. Allow them to smell around, then drop a treat to get them in there. Let your pet calm down before closing the door. Doing so while they are in an excited and curious state of mind can make them feel trapped, which could result in unwanted outcomes.

Put together the copies of their health records

Bring copies of your pet’s record, such as vaccination and treatment certificates. That is necessary for annual check-ups. And in case your pet got sick, you can present them to their new vet. Further, some states require health documentation to ensure that your pet won’t pose health problems to the other animals in the community. If you ever misplace some of them, ask for another copy from the veterinary clinic.

Consider your pet’s emotion

sad dogMoving can be stressful for animals, particularly if they are not used to traveling. They are just like kids who experience motion sickness. So consider giving them extra care before the moving date. You may also familiarize them with traveling by taking them on a 15- minute trip. This helps reduce anxiety or stress.

Don’t get your pet involved with all the actions

Relocating involves a lot of packing and decluttering. Your pet might not understand what is going on- all the actions and preparations might be taken negatively, making them feel confused and uneasy. Make it less stressful for your pet, whether it be a dog or cat, by not getting them involved. Put them in a crate until everything is settled.

Prepare your pet kit

This includes vitamins, food, and water. It saves you from going through all your stuff while traveling on the road to find your pet’s food or vitamins. As much as possible, make the food available in their crate. But feed them just a little because their stomach might get upset.

Get ready on the moving date

Are you moving by car? Include chew toys in your pet’s carrier to prevent them from getting bored, and remember to give them bathroom breaks. If you are moving by plane or cargo, prepare their tickets and documents that prove they are allowed to travel. Otherwise, you will have issues getting your pets on board. They are usually placed in the pet facility away from you, so ensure that the crate is properly ventilated with a controlled temperature to avoid suffocating them.

Hire a professional

You can reduce your hassle of moving your pet by seeking a courier’s assistance that can transport them to your destination. They can arrange the logistics for you. All you have to do is book an appointment, and you are all set! You have to wait until your pet arrives at the airport.

Familiarize your pet with the new house

Moving to a new home might not be a big deal to you, but it could be a different story for your fur babies. They might feel uncomfortable with the new environment the first time, causing anxiety. Allow them to settle down after the trip, then give them time to explore the different areas of the house.

Look for a pet park

Accessible pet amenities within the community provide convenience because you can support their training and exercise without traveling that far. As we all know, those are essential to keep your pets healthy and avoid behavior problems. If you could not assess the neighborhood before moving, ask the assistance of the homeowner’s association (HOA) or your new neighbor.

Moving with pets can be quite challenging because you’ll never know how they will take and react to it. But with efficient planning and preparation, you can do it without any problem. You can also ensure that your pet doesn’t experience any harmful effects.

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