How to Organize Your Garage

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The garage provides space for items that our interior space cannot accommodate, such as car tires, bikes, sports gears, and paints, so it deserves a pleasing appearance, too. Sadly, it can get neglected until it needs major cleaning. Here’s how to keep your garage organized at all times:

Do basic maintenance

If there are cracks due to temperature changes, consider filling them up first to smooth out the surface. Epoxy is recommended. With the cracks filled, you may now start sealing the floor. The most commonly used sealants are epoxy floor paint, acrylic, and siloxane. Paint one section at a time with paint rollers. Allow it to dry overnight. For a finishing touch, consider giving your garage door a new look. That can improve the curb appeal of your home.


Unnecessary items can be the primary reason why your garage looks constantly messy. If you haven’t used them in a year, consider donating them, they’re just mere objects that occupy a space in your home. You probably still have those expired paints, food items, or empty fire extinguishers. Get a big box and put them in there, so you can discard them properly. Once you have successfully cleared away all the insignificant objects, you might be surprised how much space you have in your garage.

Utilize your garage space

Homeowners usually dump items in the garage, making it look cluttered. But by utilizing the area can provide more space. Building a cabinet allows you to store items in them rather than on the floor. A wall organizer is a great alternative to cabinets. Don’t overlook your ceiling. It also makes excellent storage for your lightweight items too. Just arrange a safety net in case an accident happens.

Categorize your items

Your garage will look more pleasant if you arrange the items by categories that may include safety gear, sports, camping materials, garden tools, and decors. Identify the use of the items first, then label each drawer. There are many other possible ways to rearrange them. You have to get creative. If there’s not enough space anymore, try relocating some items.

Seal leaks in the garage

Is there a room above the garage that allows moisture to creep into the garage? Consider sealing the leaks first before installing cabinets and overhead storage. Moisture creeping in can lead to rust and wall cracks. You may use an expandable spray or caulk.

Fill in the threshold

If the garage door doesn’t touch the floor, filling in the bottom is advisable. It gives way for seasonal insects and mice to enter your house. You can use a rubberized strip to create a snug. But you can also buy one at a store to make it easier and more convenient for you.

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Enhance the lighting system

Of course, your garage deserves better lighting, too. Flickering light may lead to serious injuries since a garage is filled with heavyweight items. Ambient is an excellent choice to spread light across your garage. But if you want improved visibility, go for task lighting. The other alternative includes accent lighting, which illuminates certain areas. Just choose the one that best suits your needs.

Make sure that your car is a good fit

Forget about the motion sensor. If you want to know if you are parking appropriately, try hanging a tennis ball on the ceiling. If the roof of your car touches it, it means you are doing it the right way. The idea is to be able to walk between your car and back wall without any problem. You may also want to get a scrap carpet to prevent car scratches.

Clean regularly

Regular cleaning is recommended. Always keep the cleaning materials such as vacuum, dustpan, and broom in the garage if there’s dirt that needs immediate cleaning. And remember to get your pesticides ready when uninvited visitors such as bugs and mice enter.

Keep tires and wires

Keep the ambiance welcoming and tidy by hanging big items such as tires and wires vertically on your wall.

Common habits that lead to a messy garage

  • Habitual disorganization
  • Not spending time to declutter
  • Treating your garage as a dumping ground
  • Insufficient space in between your garage and house
  • Seasonal materials and gears
  • Keeping unnecessary items
  • Lack of strategic storage system
  • Not thinking of a solution to organize your garage

A garage isn’t just a space that accommodates heavy-duty items. It’s part of the house that also reflects your overall upkeep. By organizing your garage, you can make your house look more spacious and welcoming.

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