Factors that Affect Business Productivity and What you Can Do to Improve it

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Nowadays, we seek and demand almost everything from our workplaces: security, character, comfort, and freedom. We’d want to have sitting and standing workstations, as well as napping and recreation rooms. We want our workplaces to be everything simultaneously, to the point where we lose sight of their primary purpose: to facilitate intelligent, productive work.

That said, establishing a work environment that is conducive to productive work is essential to bridge that gap and spark your most innovative thoughts.

Make your workstation a reflection of you

Trends come and go, but a straightforward tip has stood the test of time and consistently produces satisfactory results: Create a space in the same manner that you would create a place for yourself. Your style, personality, and basically how you carry yourself reveal a great deal about the type of workstation you require.

Take time to assess your unique personality and try to incorporate it into your workplace. For example, if you perceive writing as an excellent way to spark productivity and creativity, you can look into whiteboards or mood boards to pin your ideas on. If you work better with your materials and resources hanging around you but dislike clutter, try to look into loud designs or colors to help your creative juices flow. Authenticity breeds the most brilliant ideas.

Find your jam

If you work in a shared place with others, you’re familiar with wanting to submerge yourself in your headphones as you listen to music. Studies have proven that listening to music promotes efficiency, motivation, and innovativeness. Profound thinking and activities such as reading, writing, and studying extensive documents are best supported by classical music, sonatas, nature music, cinematic, and video game soundtracks.

Find music that complements your task and activities; For example, if your job requires focus, analysis, and thorough thinking, you may want to explore more classical music. Experts find these types to better aid brain function. One cause is the lack of words in the music, as songs with lyrics have been reported to distract people while they are attempting to concentrate.


It’s not uncommon for productivity to revolve around having effective conversations with clients and coworkers. Make seating arrangements that encourage you to stand up and move away from your core workspace from time to time. Stretch those arms, get those legs moving and increase your blood flow. Doing this is an effective productivity enhancer.

For example, you can place ergonomic seats at oblique, welcoming angles to stimulate interaction. Consider a more eco-friendly alternative flooring such as sisal or seagrass for noise isolation and a healthier workplace from your local flooring and trusted carpet distributors.

This is especially true if your work requires constant customer interactions. Far more linear and parallel lines can make a place feel uninviting to clients, and a well-thought flooring plan can provide comfort for people on their feet for long periods. Of course, this doesn’t entail constructing a living room in your workplace. Finding the right combination is key.

Let nature in

nature and work concept

Whether you work from home or in an office, the quality of the air we breathe can have a significant impact on our ability to concentrate and think effectively. Talk to your boss about placing air filters. If there is a means to let fresh air in through doors and windows, open them for at least a minimum part of the day.

While we all appreciate a lovely view, sunlight, and natural ventilation, these could only invite distraction and daydreaming. At the very least, you can get a portable air filter to keep on your workstation or nearby. You can also add greens around you, such as snake plants or cacti, as they do an excellent job of purifying the air and supplying clean, refined oxygen. They also aid in reducing stress and increasing performance.

Incorporate colors

If you find that your workplace contains regular bouts of tension and stress, you can use color to your advantage. Low-wavelength hues like blue and green have long been recognized to induce relaxation, and reports reveal that employing these hues in the workplace can also boost creativity and mood.

If you devote a significant portion of your time to severe creative thought, such as writing, conceptualizing, or developing new proposals, the color yellow can help stimulate our brain function by invoking the sun’s constructive eagerness.

The most productive workstation is one that makes you feel at ease and secure. We’ve all felt the sense of calm that comes with losing yourself in our favorite music or the boost of confidence that comes with wearing our best attire. Make your workstation a place where you can feel that way every day. Your most brilliant and creative juices will undoubtedly follow.

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