Five Air Compressor Accessories You Need to Have

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On its own, a compressor cannot fulfil its designated functions. Having the right accessories can greatly improve work efficiency and productivity. If you would like to learn more about the accessories you can choose from, take a look at the list below.


One end is linked to the compressor, while the other is bound to the tool. Once this has been set up, the motor blows compressed air through the hose. Most compressors already have a hose when you buy them, but you can always get a separate one that would be more suitable for your needs. For example, the original may be too short for outdoor use. Over time, the hose is also subject to wear and tear, suffering holes and other defects. This will prompt you to replace it.

There are two types of hoses: retractable and recoil. A recoil hose has circular bends throughout its body that make it easier to store. A retractable hose is just one long continuous tube that you can wind up like a cord when you store it.

Hose Reel

This is where a hose is placed when it needs to be put in storage. It is advisable to use one to extend the life of your hose and to prevent it from premature damage, as well as to ensure proper, more compact storage. There are numerous types of air compressor hose reels, such as a hose reel with a backplate that can be attached to the wall, and also a portable one that comes with handles and wheels.

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The filter removes air contaminants at the intake to keep the compressed air system and the air output clean. As time goes by, dust particles will eventually build-up and clog the filter, and that is why it needs to be cleaned at least once every six months. It also has to be regularly replaced depending on the environment on which it is used.

Some filters remove oil, foul odour, water vapours and dirt. Therefore, it is important to choose a filter that will work best for your work environment.

Fittings and Adapters

You need to have fittings and adapters as these are used to connect the tools and accessories to the air compressor. As often as possible, use anodized fittings as these repel rust and corrosion. These connectors make it easier to switch between tools. Plus, they also make maintenance more convenient. To avoid problems with compatibility, it would be best to buy fittings and adapters from the same brand as the compressor.


Newly released compressed air tends to be warm and may even contain water vapour. The aftercooler cools down the air and converts the water vapour to its liquid form. As air density increases, it also increases the compressor’s power.

For it to function smoothly and efficiently, a compressor needs to be fitted with the proper parts and accessories. Now that you have basic knowledge about air compressor accessories, you will able to accurately assess which ones you will need depending on the industry you are in.

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