Food vs Nutrition: What Are You Eating?

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Everything is available to you with a few clicks. This is the age of convenience. It’s not just local items, either. You can be in Minnesota but have quick access to Japanese food. You can be in Los Angeles and have your clothes shipped from a store in New York. In a time when leaders are obsessed with borders, everyone is enjoying conveniences that tear those borders down.

However, given the price variations, you might want to go for the cheaper junk food instead of the healthier options. They’re equally convenient, so why not save some money, right? One night a week of this kind of decision may not make a difference. But if this has turned into a habit, you have to ask yourself if you’re still getting some nutrition out of it.

The Problem: Cheap Junk Food

Sometimes, you just want to have that fresh-off-the-oven pizza delivered to you after a hard day at work. You have no energy left to prepare your own meal, but you want to treat yourself to something that tastes good. Junk food definitely tastes good, thanks to the salt, sugar, and fats that are in great abundance in each bite.

A team of food scientists carefully work on the taste of your favorite junk food to make it irresistible. Because it is produced in such a mechanical way, it is cheap, too. It ticks all the right boxes when you just want to eat food because it’s mealtime but you don’t want to think about it too much.

The problem? These food options — if they can be called food at all — are so loaded with unhealthy substances. To increase their shelf life, they are further loaded with chemical stabilizers. What you’re eating are chemical compounds, not fresh ingredients, and they make you susceptible to a lot of health conditions.

The Solution: Make Nutritious Food an Available Option

healthy food

We do have healthy food options on the same apps that deliver food within minutes. Many could argue that it’s a matter of changing one’s habits and shying away from fast food in favor of these healthier but equally convenient alternatives. But don’t forget the cost difference. Although they are both available, one becomes more convenient when it is cheaper and tastes better. You’ll also be more inclined to go for something you’re already familiar with and something that is conventionally accepted as the go-to food choice for busy people.

To make healthy eating a more convenient choice, let’s eliminate app reliance altogether. Instead of focusing on food that other people make, prepare them yourself. When restaurants make their own dishes, you don’t get a detailed breakdown of what ingredients they have used, where those ingredients have come from, and how much of each ingredient has been used. On the other hand, if you grow them in your luxury garden rooms, you’re living the farm-to-table lifestyle without the markup that restaurants will add to each meal.

You’re also free to edit each dish to your liking. Someone in the family hates eggplant? It can go, but you’ll still be able to eat a healthy dish minus that one ingredient. It’s so much healthier than choosing pizza over a salad because the lettuce doesn’t look fresh.

Don’t eat just for the sake of eating. Think of the nutrition you get in every bite. There are always food options that are both delicious and nutritious. Sometimes they are cheap, too.

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