Home Business Ideas to Consider During the Pandemic

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As COVID-19 rages on, a lot of people are finding themselves losing their jobs and their other means of livelihood. Even the most established businesses, especially those that rely heavily on person-to-person transactions, are unexpectedly folding up. Some of those people who were lucky enough to retain their jobs and mandated to work from home had to take pay cuts, which can impact their overall finances.

Looking for another is the automatic response to such a problem, but given the situation, it can be difficult for a lot of people to find new employment in such short notice. This forced a lot of us to search for other means of income. Many found ways to set up delivery services or start franchise businesses for essential goods, which can be done from home with the help of the internet.

Enterprising individuals were able to find business models that work. It may seem risky, but the pandemic is actually a good time to build businesses. Here are some business ideas that are suited to today’s market and have great chances to thrive during the pandemic.

Food Take-out and Delivery Services

The pandemic has forced many restaurants to close or go on a strictly take-out basis only. If you happen to own a dining establishment, you may have already overhauled your operations to accommodate this “new normal.” If you are not a restaurant owner but have great skills food-wise, now is the perfect time to establish a meal service to-go.

In developing nations such as the Philippines, a lot of households found themselves cooking up a storm in the safety of their homes and delivering affordable meals to those who would rather dine inside their houses. This business model became a hit, especially in places where strict lockdowns are enforced.

Delivery services cover not only food but other essential goods as well. These include groceries and pharmaceutical products. You can set up the service itself, or you can join food delivery companies, such as Grab or DoorDash.

Virtual Fitness Programs

Gyms are among the establishments that were hit hard by the pandemic. Because of the high health risks involved in staying inside an enclosed space with sweaty people, most gyms were forced to close. Those who were able to re-open have to enforce strict measures such as social distancing and limiting the number of people who can work out inside at a particular time.

Naturally, not all are willing to take the risk of catching the virus while inside the gym. This is where virtual fitness programs and trainers make their mark. Even the most ardent gym-goers find themselves buying equipment for home workouts and exercise in their homes with the help of their trainers, who watch over them via video chats. Trainers who couldn’t see their clients at the gym now hold one-on-one sessions online.

Freelance and Remote Work Services

Retail businesses, among many others, are now forced to change the usual way they operate to survive the conditions brought on by the pandemic. This means intensifying their online marketing efforts, resulting in a high demand for skilled freelance workers—copywriters, designers, and social media marketers.

These freelancers can work at home and get everything done with the help of various communication tools at their disposal.  They can build websites, create marketing content, and promote goods and services via social media, even if they are 100% working remotely.

Online tutors can take advantage of this situation as well. Now that many students are left working alone on their worksheets at home, the demand for online tutors will likely increase. Also, if you are a skilled professional who can get your ideas across via online meeting tools, you can easily set up your classes and kick-start your earnings.

Wellness Programs

Exercise at home

Are you a licensed physician or therapist? Why not offer consultations online? The pandemic has definitely affected the health and mental well-being of people all over the world. Those locked up in their homes may find themselves unable to go out for medical consultations or visit their therapists.

Again, online communication tools have come to the rescue—physicians can continue to see their patients and help them via virtual consultations. Psychologists can hold their sessions with their clients via video chat.

During these times, we are forced to get out of our comfort zones and explore ideas that will expand our livelihood while staying safe and healthy at the same time. Investing time and effort to build a home-based business will definitely help us accomplish this.

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