How Restaurants Can Make Better Use of the Open Space Outside

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It is normal for restaurants to experience fluctuations in sales all year round. Sometimes, they can have higher traffic, while on some days, extremely low traffic. Summer is often associated with a high influx of customers, and more often than not, customers would want to occupy the open-air sections, where they can freely watch the beauty of the outdoors and breathe some fresh air while enjoying a gastronomic feast.   But not all restaurants have well-designed open spaces to cater to customers who want to dine al-fresco. Fortunately, there are now ways to add finesse to a restaurant’s outdoor sections without spending too much on construction or renovation plans.

Exterior Shades

Most homes in Europe use outdoor shades to block out the heat of the sun in some parts of their outdoor spaces. In America, though, only fewer houses use these attachments in their homes. But outdoor blinds or shades are not only for homes; even restaurants and other commercial establishments can use these additional fixtures to make better use of their outdoor spaces. These fittings can shield against the sun’s harmful rays and can keep the outdoor space cool and comfortable for guests. Most sun shades can be customized and made to compliment the overall appeal of the restaurant’s edifice.

There are several types of shades that can be installed in the outdoor spaces of restaurants. These include pergolas, gazebos, sun shade sails, outdoor or patio umbrellas, and awnings. For restaurants that prefer shades that require less construction works, sun shade sails, patio umbrellas, and awnings are the options. Of these three, awnings are probably the best choice as they can be more durable and can provide more shade.

Today’s technologies have made it easier for restaurants and other establishments to add a sunshade that not only provides comfort to guests but also adds to the overall beauty of the edifice. Restaurant owners can choose to go for a motorized retractable system, a remote-controlled retractable system, or one that has a lockdown system that can help secure patio screens.

The best thing about motorized retractable sun shades is that they can be retracted easily at night to make way for stargazing or dining under the stars. Remote-controlled ones are even better choices since they provide an easier way to transform or retract the shade any time when needed.

Outdoor Seating

chairs outdoors

Adding a few tables and chairs outside can significantly maximize the use of the space.  The tables and chairs should be made of durable material so that they can withstand the weather and harsh environment of the outdoors. They should also be attractive and appealing to the eyes. The tables and chairs may also be customized to suit the overall theme of the restaurant.

It can be tempting to fill the entire space with tables and chairs but bear in mind that having more does not usually mean gaining more customers and raking in more profits. The outdoor seating should be arranged in such a way that it would not interfere with how the staff provides their service to customers. It should also be strategically arranged to maintain an attractive appeal instead of just making sure that it would accommodate more people. Finally, there should also be enough space for customers to walk around freely.

Planters and Window Boxes

These can be added to the overall design of the outdoor space. Planters and window boxes can add flair to the outdoor space. They can be arranged in such a way to create a unique but alluring ambiance for guests. Planters and window boxes are an affordable way to decorate the outdoor spaces of restaurants. They are also easy to move any time should there be a change of plans in the decorations.


To make the ambiance of the outdoors as lively as the interior of the restaurant, cheerful or romantic music may be added to the outdoor schematics. Music can enliven the mood of guests and can make them enjoy the restaurant’s vibe more.

The open spaces outside of restaurants can be used to add seating capacity to the diner. But it has to be designed in such as way as to not make it look like a separate entity from the rest of the entire restaurant. It should be designed to add flair and functionality, apart from making sure that all guests are given the comfort they need when eating. Decorating the outside space can attract more guests and make the restaurant friendly and accommodating to those who want to dine al-fresco.

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