Keeping the Big Reveal a Surprise: Designing a Gender-Neutral Nursery

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In the past, the go-to option when it comes to designing nurseries was matching the gender of your baby with a specific color and filling an entire room with items of that hue. Traditional choices were pink for girls and blue for boys, but when a couple is unsure of their child’s gender, they go for yellow, which was considered a “safe” color.     However, these options are now viewed as outdated, not to mention very limiting, yet there are still those who prefer these mainstream decorating ideas.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but times have changed. These days, many parents choose the more gender-neutral route when it comes to designing spaces for their babies. This is a smart choice in terms of practicality. The focus has now shifted toward having a good design instead of sticking to traditional boy or girl color palettes. If you live in Santa Ana, California, there are many shops and designers who provide options for nursery decors that break the tradition, from beddings and furnishings to high-quality flooring and accessories.

If you’re among those parents who prefer knowing your baby’s gender on the big day itself, here are some ways to incorporate gender-neutral designs in the nursery:

Switch From Yellow to Gray

Yellow remains a gender-neutral shade, but for the more sophisticated vibe, gray seems to be a better choice. It gives a fresher and modern update to traditional color palettes. In addition, it’s a versatile color that can match almost any other shades. But it also has a tendency to look dull and boring when not paired with bright hues, so keep that in mind when choosing other colors to complement it.

The Black-and-White Combo Actually Works

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When you don’t want things to give off too much of a masculine or feminine feel, consider going for a black-and-white color palette. Now, you may think this isn’t a combination that fits a room meant for children, but remember that your kids won’t remain young and small forever. They will outgrow their spaces soon, so it’s better to stick to a color palette that will look good no matter their age. Incorporate some bright colors on the artworks on the wall and the bedding accessories if you want more variety.

Don’t Forget the Ceiling

Babies spend most of their time on their backs, staring at the ceiling. Why not give them something they can enjoy visually. Consider having the ceiling painted with a soothing color. You can even up the game by adding a mural or some decals. While floor-to-ceiling themed nurseries may no longer be a trend, you can still add touches of a recurring element throughout the room. Add some fun geometrics, “under the water” elements, furry friends, popular cartoon characters, or other visually stimulating decorative items.

You may also choose a bold, graphic wallpaper for an additional statement. If you don’t want a permanent solution, there are temporary wallpaper options on the market. Designing and decorating your baby’s room is exciting; you just have to do things right to make sure the elements work together to create the perfect space for your little one.

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