Kick Your Clutter Habit: Ways to Keep Things Organized

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Many people find the idea of living a simplified, clutter-free kind of life with as minimal stuff as possible highly attractive. There are many benefits to owning less stuff and keeping things to the bare minimum –you’ll have less stuff to clean, organize, and spend money on.

You’ll also have more energy to do other things you’re passionate about. While you’re getting ready to do some major house cleaning and decluttering here in Ogden, you stop and wonder – where should I begin? It may certainly feel a lot overwhelming at first, especially when you see all the things you have accumulated over the years.

Some amount of clutter is enough to make homeowners feel defeated and abandon the idea altogether. But, don’t let it discourage you. Your decluttering journey doesn’t have to be a stressful one. With some creativity and resourcefulness, you can actually find ways to make the task more enjoyable (think Marie Kondo!)

Another great thing about a home decluttering project is that you won’t need some fancy tools to get things done. Start by getting these five bins or baskets, each with a specific purpose:

Put Away

This is exclusively for items that have been misplaced or crept out of their original storage spaces. Found a coffee cup in your bathroom? A worn sweatshirt perhaps? These are things that have “lost their way” that you’ll soon be putting back to their designated spots.

Fix or Mend

This bin is for your belongings that only need some mending before they can be used again. It could be a pair of shoes you love that needs some cleaning or a top that needs some new buttons. This is perfect for items that you still want to hold on to.


As the name suggests, this is for items that are no longer of use to you – things that you can immediately say goodbye to and go into the household trash.


Recycle trash

This container is for items that you no longer use but can still be recycled or reused, including plastic, paper or glass.


This could be the biggest container you’ll have. Separate all the items you’re planning to donate to a charitable organization or a friend who needs them and put them in this box. Make sure that the items are are things you can imagine others to benefit from.

Baskets, bins, and simple card boxes may work for this task. Plastic containers are highly recommended, too. Take these bins with you as you try to declutter every room and when you’re done, place them some place that’s easy to reach, which will make the task a lot easier and more organized.

This will be a great start in your decluttering project: set up the bins first instead of hunting for containers when you’re already in the middle of your task.

Once you’re done sorting all your belongings, consider hiding the clutter if you have available space. Put the container into shelving units and label them properly in case you’ll have to look through them again in the future.

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