Kickstart Your Adulting Game in 2020

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The Year of the Metal Rat is here, and with it comes new challenges and opportunities to start anew. No matter how bad your 2019 was, you can only get better from here. Use your failures in 2019 to guide you this new year, and start to do better in different aspects of your life.

These recommendations should guide you in being a more responsible adult in 2020:

Be Versatile

If you’re one of the employees who decided to leave their job after getting their 13th-month pay, congratulations on getting out of the company that does not make you happy. However, finding a new job might not be as easy as you hope, and your bills will not stop while you are searching.

If you want to manage your necessary expenses and have enough to tide you over, look for part-time jobs or sidelines to keep you busy and earn you enough in the meantime. Manage your time well, and your hobby might even start to pay off as a career. Nothing comes easy, but if you challenge yourself to achieve your goals, you will succeed on your own terms.

Think Ahead

They say you should live your life day by day and be present in the now, but that doesn’t mean you should not plan for the future. There are certain aspects of adulthood that you might not be ready to tackle financially, such as starting a family. Still, you can certainly start working on other things, such as looking for a pre-selling condo where you can move into soon.

Places like Ortigas Avenue have plenty of options, and if you see yourself living or working in this location, then perhaps it’s time to tick off your accommodation dilemma this New Year. Remember that one big part of adulting is doing your due diligence, so be familiar with the details of the property for sale before you put down the reservation fee.

Choose Wisely

When you ask your parents about their preferences, they can come across as non-compromising, and for a good reason. When you trust a product and its message, the reason you are using it is clear. Your mother would not be pleased if you asked her to switch to different laundry detergent for no reason, and your father will not be content with a new family routine if you spring it on him.

In your life as an adult, you have to know how to stick to your choices. Your lifestyle works for you, and if you decide to leave the office to work remotely, there has to be a good reason for it. Conversely, if you choose to leave your hometown to rent closer to the city, that’s also anchored on your checklist. Be decisive and commit to your choices.

No one wakes up one day fully knowing how to be a successful adult. You wake up ready to try, and from there, you work on the aspects that will make you a successful one.

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