Life in University: Adjusting to Off-Campus Living

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There are several factors that affect a student’s life in university, and one is housing. Students are usually required to live on-campus during their first year. After that, they are free to stay or find someplace better. And many decide to live off-campus.

If you’re the same, it’s likely that you’re prepared for the slew of responsibilities that come with this choice. Finding an apartment and movers in Salt Lake City, Utah is only the first obligation that you need to mind. Many more will come once you’ve settled in your new home. Here are a few tips to survive each challenge.

Bills and Other Fees

college studentsDorms are a great way to introduce students to university living because they are more affordable than apartments. Often, students only need to pay for the dorm itself and won’t have to worry about other fees when it comes to housing. It’s also possible for the housing fee to include meal checks. It’s different for students off-campus. Not only do you have to worry about your meals, but there are bills to pay, too: rent, water, and electricity.

To prevent fees from piling up, make sure that you pay your bills on time. If possible, put away the money for payments from your allowance. This stops you from spending on less important things, like social events. For food, constantly eating out is more expensive than preparing homemade meals. Most meals outside cost around $10. That same money can be used to buy ingredients for a proper meal.

It’s understandable that many find fast food preferable, given busy schedules. However, a way you can work around your schedule is by preparing meals at the start of the week that you can freeze and then heat up later. Not only is this cost-effective, but it also gives you healthier food options that benefit your brain and mind.

Apartment Living

One commonality that apartments and dorms have is that it will be your responsibility to keep the space clean. And you should, given that it will be your home for the next few months or even years. Include cleaning in your daily or at least, weekly, schedule. It doesn’t have to be intensive, just enough to not leave havoc in your wake. You’ll find yourself better for it since it stops bacteria from building up and provides you with a clean space.

Make your bed every morning, open the curtains, sweep the floors, and put dirty laundry where it belongs. In the bathroom, make sure that you leave it dry with no hair in the drainage. As for the kitchen, wash every utensil or bowl you use right away. Cleaning in small increments prevents the mess from piling up. If you have a roommate, discuss a chore wheel to divide the responsibilities.


Off-campus residence grants more freedom than on-campus living. While you’re encouraged to explore this newfound freedom and have the best time in university, it shouldn’t be at the cost of your studies.

With no adult supervision around, it’s up to you to remind yourself to be productive. Try to find a balance between work and play, study whenever you need to, and accomplish workloads as soon as possible. Doing things early gives you more opportunity to go out and have fun.

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