The Real Reasons Behind Low Productivity in the Office

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As a business owner or entrepreneur, you want your employees to be as productive as possible. But sometimes, no matter how hard you try, productivity is low. Why is that? There are various reasons why employees aren’t being productive in the office. Here are some of the reasons why.

Poor Communication

One of the hidden reasons behind the low productivity in the office is poor communication. If employees don’t have a clear understanding of their tasks or objectives, they’re going to struggle to be productive. Therefore, ensure you communicate effectively with your team by being clear and concise in your instructions. Additionally, encourage open communication among employees, so everyone is on the same page. Remember, improved communication can always increase productivity in the office.

Lack of Engagement

Another reason for low productivity in the office is a lack of engagement. Employees not engaged with their work will not be motivated to put forth their best effort. There are various ways to combat this. Here are two you can do today:

Task Rotation

You will see improved productivity if you can afford employees to do different tasks while on the job. Consider having employees do other things throughout the day so they don’t get bored. This can help ensure everyone is engaged and working hard at all times.


If your team does a great job, make sure you recognize their efforts. When employees feel valued, they’re more likely to work harder. Consider offering rewards to employees who are the most productive in a given week or month.

Unclear Goals

Unclear goals can also lead to low productivity in the office. Employees need to know what they’re working towards to be motivated and productive. Make sure that you’re setting clear and attainable goals for your team and that everyone understands what those goals are. Additionally, check in regularly to ensure that employees are making progress towards the goals and make adjustments as necessary. Here are other ways you can deal with unclear goals in your company.

Experienced Managers

One of the main reasons why your company has unclear goals is because of inexperienced managers. If you have individuals in leadership that do not have a lot of experience, they’re not going to be able to set goals correctly. Consider bringing on new management if your employees are struggling with unclear goals.

Task Management Software

If your business lacks goal direction, then there’s a good chance you’re using the wrong task management software. You need to find software that allows for goal tracking and other tasks. Look into various options and determine which will work best for your company. Some of the best software include Asana, Zoho, and Trello.

An employee experiencing neck pain

Poor ergonomics

If your office isn’t set up in an ergonomically friendly way, it can lead to many discomforts—and a lot of lost productive time. Additionally, it can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. It affects everyone in the office, not just those who use computers all day. Consider ergonomic assessments to determine how your employees can be more productive while they work. Here are some other things to consider:

Computer Screen Position

Is your computer screen positioned too high or low? You must ensure it is at eye level as much as possible.

Desk Setup

You also must ensure that your desk is comfortable and has everything they need, including their chair. Additionally, you may want to add a footrest or other ergonomic items. Doing so can significantly improve employees’ comfort while working.

Uncomfortable Temperature

The temperature in your office can also significantly impact your productivity levels. You will likely feel sluggish and uninterested in work if it’s too hot or too cold. To avoid this, try to keep the temperature in your office comfortable—somewhere between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal. You can do this in various ways.


Winter is right about the corner, and your office can get quite cold. If it’s too cold, you may consider investing in heaters for your employees. This can help keep everyone warm and comfortable while they work. If you don’t have the budget, consider supporting an affordable gas furnace. This kind of heater is cheaper than electric options. In addition, if your office has centralized heating, a gas furnace can ensure that your office stays warm during winter.

Thermostat Control

If specific areas need heating, consider having the thermostat change temperatures automatically based on the location of the building. For instance, you could turn down the thermostat in areas with less need for heat, such as hallways and conference rooms. This can help save money on your energy bill.

There are several hidden reasons behind the low productivity in the office. Understanding these reasons can improve productivity and get your business back on track. Focusing on these areas, you can create a more productive workplace and achieve success for your business.

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