Drawing Customers In: How to Make Your Storefront Attractive

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Social media is great for getting your brand out there and showing a wider range of people what your store has to offer. But, having been restricted for so long will make many people yearn for the freedom to shop in stores. This means that your storefront is once again going to become an important marketing resource for you.

The layout of the window display, the signboard with your name on it, and the entrance are all going to have a significant psychological effect on people who see it. Their desire to enter your store will rely heavily on these aspects. Thus, it may be time to update your sign to a fancy new one and paint your front door.

If your store has an open-door policy, consider getting a quirky rug or unusual sanitizer holder. This will catch people’s eye and make them curious about the interior of the store. It is all about turning interest into action in this case, attracting people with a delightful storefront so that they will enter your store. Most people who go inside a store usually buy something before leaving. Even if they do not, their experience in the store will draw them back to make a purchase later.

Get a Logo

A quirky or witty name is great for helping people to remember your store. But if it is just a little too witty it may not convey what your store sells. You need people who are passing by or driving by to want to stop to enter your store. If they expect one thing because of the name but see something different in the window display, they will not enter the store.

A logo right below your signage can help to dispel any confusion. A cupcake shop can have a cute cupcake logo. A gym can show dumbbells or a cartoon person on a treadmill. Dentists who use cute teeth cartoons can help relax the client before they enter the premises. A cute logo makes people smile, and this makes them feel good about entering the store.

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Put Up Lights and Open Signs

Consider getting a large neon open sign for your shop. This will clearly indicate to anyone passing by that the shop is open. Use direct lighting in your window display and reflective surfaces to make it look bright and eye-catching.

People are not attracted to dimly lit stores, and even if they want to enter, they may question if they should if there is no clearly displayed open sign. Well-lit window displays and entranceways are inviting and can help reduce any apprehension a person may have about entering a small store.

Provide Parking

If at all possible, try to provide a few parking spaces near your store for your clients. Some buildings have rear parking that comes free with the lease. Indicate this is available on your signage. It will serve as an incentive to people who want to visit your store but do not want to struggle to look for parking.

If it is a busy street and you cannot provide parking for cars, consider appealing to people on bikes or with dogs. Provide a bike rake where people can securely leave their bicycles as they visit your store. If you have the space, you can rent out bike parking spaces to people for a short duration. This will allow them to explore the whole street and endear you to your fellow shop owners. They will thus be more likely to consider collaborations with your store.

People also struggle to find a safe place to leave their dogs as many stores will not allow pet dogs on the premises. Convert a small space within your store into a pen for dogs. The size of the pen will naturally limit you, but it will serve as a selling point for people to visit your store. Ensure the pet owners take responsibility for their dogs’ behavior. Display signs that indicate that any bad behavior on the dog’s part will result in penalties on the dog owner. Most pet owners will happily comply with these rules for the convenience of putting their dog somewhere safe.

People love attending soft launch parties, grand openings, and grand re-openings. Consider holding a fun event in your store every month to attract people and increase sales. Most events can be tailored to suit any business.

For instance, a fashion show for children will attract great interest from parents and children, especially if you are a fabric store. You can give discounts and sales deals if the participants purchase the materials to make their clothes from your store. The winner can receive a cash prize or coupons for big savings at your store.

Art exhibits, live music, and celebrity appearances are also great ways to draw in a crowd. With these ideas, plus the upgrade of your storefront, you can ensure that you can increase the foot traffic in your store.

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