Pandemic Investments: How to Gain Cash during the COVID-19 Lockdown

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Last year, at the height of the pandemic, people were adamant about deals. Businesses closed to minimize the risk of the virus spreading. Work was virtually halted, and a lot of people lost their livelihood.

To say that the economy is restarting is an understatement. The economy is still nowhere near where it needs to be to say that everything has returned to normal — if ever there was such a normal world before the pandemic. But even when things are still on a controlled basis, and people are still being encouraged to stay at home, you can start mapping your path to financial progress through investments.

Investing, however, is a tricky business, even before the pandemic. You’ll need to do your due diligence on many of the processes involved. Here’re a few things you need to know about the top investments during the pandemic.

Look into Precious Metals

This isn’t the first time that the economy went into recession. There were previous recessions, but this is the first time that it happened during a pandemic.

Look into investments involving gold and silver. There are other precious metal assets that you can look at. It’s been said that these are buffer assets — safe-haven investments — during uncertain times, like right now. When the pandemic struck, the price of gold has remained largely untouched. The year-to-date value of gold, according to figures, remains at 13%.

You must remember that you’re not in the ownership of the gold. Your 401(k) or IRA account is instead curated or held by a licensed trustee or a third-party depository.

Having a Little Cash Isn’t Bad

Seasoned investors will always tell you that having some cash on hand isn’t bad. That’s because it can protect you against risk in the securities market. It can also help you stave off any losses due to market corrections if they happen.

Last year, firms allocated cash reserves and other assets, like short-termed US Treasury bills acting as short-term debt securities. It’s a safe bet, for sure, but it will be effective against a time like this when the economy is trying to recover. Since it’s recommended by seasoned vets in trading to ‘avoid putting all your eggs in one basket,’ try putting some cash on hand into your portfolio.

Don’t Focus Too Much on the News

Sometimes, the news doesn’t help at all. This is true, especially if you’re investing in houses and lots or on the market itself. As unpredictable as the global pandemic is, so is the market, and a low because of the pandemic today might be high because of a different reason tomorrow.

Seasoned investor Warren Buffet said as much — and many more — when he spoke on the pandemic situation. He said that the newspaper isn’t a tool that will help investors predict the market. He also added that the pandemic might be big news today, but that’s not an assurance that it still will be tomorrow.

Know the True Value of a Stock

One thing that the current situation has done to the market is that there are a lot of people risking it all to try it out. Most of them think that it’s because of the pandemic that the risk is mitigated, but that kind of thinking is wrong, experts say.

Instead, people should try to look more at the company maintaining the stock as a whole and less on the price. By looking at the company’s growth, its past growth track, and assuming its potential to expand further in the future, investors will make decisions that are based on wise thinking rather than base your decision on guesswork.

When Investing, Invest Long-term

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Perhaps, to help your decision to invest, you should think of a stock as buying into a business rather than buying individual pieces. You’ll certainly be excited about its growth, but you’ll lament its losses. But this will also help you take a long-term look at how the company will be doing in the future instead of a short-term, day-to-day look.

As experts put it, it’ll be like thinking that you bought a business rather than a stock. That makes you feel proud about holding on to whatever stock you may have.

The pandemic brought many difficulties, sure, but there’s a lot of positives to be had. People got the chance to learn new skills and build up their knowledge of certain things. While the stock market requires a lifetime of learning (almost), the time you have right now will help you get more wisdom about maintaining stocks and wise investments.

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