Pandemic-proof Businesses: Ideas to Help You Increase Your Income

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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused widespread panic. The virus is highly contagious and can kill people in just days. Even with the vaccines, it has proven to be a dangerous time for entrepreneurs because it’s hard to predict how long the pandemic will last. Here are some ideas that might come in handy during the pandemic if you’re looking to start up your own business:

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1. Errand Services

Errand services are in high demand during a health crisis. People are busy stocking up on supplies and cleaning their homes, and they don’t have time to run errands for themselves. If you can offer your services as an errand runner, you’re likely to find a lot of customers.

For example, laundry pickup and delivery businesses have seen success during the pandemic because laundry is something almost everyone has to do at some point. Still, not everyone wants to do it themselves.

2. Home Cleaning Services

Another service in high demand during a health crisis is home cleaning. When bringing in new visitors, people want to make sure their homes are clean and disinfected. People who are sick can make a lot of mess, and people with compromised immune systems aren’t always able to clean their homes on their own.

3. Entertainment Services

The COVID-19 pandemic has been shown to have negative effects on mental health. Studies have shown that recovery from the depression caused by the pandemic has been much slower than recovery from other types of depression. This is why many people are looking for entertainment services such as theaters and concerts that can lift their mood.

4. Home Delivery of Food and Beverages

Food is especially sought after during the pandemic because it provides that extra boost of energy you need to get through the day without catching COVID-19 or being impacted by its effects on your mental health. A business idea like Domino’s pizza is a good example, but it doesn’t have to be food-related. Anything with caffeine can be considered an energy drink, so selling coffee would count for this business idea, too.

5. Health Services

As part of people’s recovery from the pandemic, they will need doctors and nurses to monitor their vital signs.

Telemedicine is an emerging medical practice in which health care is delivered using telecommunications. The majority of this type of treatment takes place in the home with assistance from a remote clinician, with people at risk for COVID-19 taking refuge in their homes with medical professionals on call to provide assistance with diagnosis and monitoring.

6. Home Delivery of Medical Supplies

People cannot go out during the pandemic because they are at risk for exposure, which makes medical supplies hard to come by. The lack of these supplies is causing a strain on healthcare providers who are having trouble caring for people that need life-sustaining equipment like oxygen tanks. A business providing home delivery of these items will be much in demand during this period.

7. Transportation Services

If you have a car, this is one of the easiest businesses to run right now because gas prices are significantly lower than normal due to people driving less. This means that rideshare services like Uber and Lyft aren’t in such high demand during the pandemic because there isn’t as much traffic or public transit for people to worry about. People who own cars and know how to drive them well definitely stand out in this environment!

8. Home Beauty Kits

When COVID-19 forces so many people to stay at home, one of the first things they’ll start to miss is being able to go out and get their nails done or have a haircut. This is where your home beauty kit business can come in. You can either sell the kits online or through local stores.

The kits should include all the basic supplies that someone would need for a beauty treatment like hair dye, nail polish, and scissors. You can also include more specialized items like tweezers and eyebrow pencils if you want to target a specific market.

9. Education Services

Finally, one last service that may see an uptick in business during the pandemic is education services, especially those geared towards children. Parents want their children to have as normal a childhood as possible despite the crisis, so they put them back into school instead of keeping them locked up at home for fear of exposing them.

All of these business ideas are viable options if you’re looking to start up your own company during COVID-19’s spread throughout the world. Make sure you don’t get caught unprepared by ensuring you’re protected before COVID-19 hits your area; the effects of this virus are much more severe than typical seasonal flu viruses.

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