Please Build Workspace Stations In Your Rental Properties

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The number of renters and rental properties has been steadily increasing despite the impact of the global pandemic. In fact, more and more people are considering the idea of renting as opposed to purchasing a home because it’s more affordable in the short-term and more appropriate given the current global context. And, as the housing market recovers and improves, we’ll only witness these numbers continue to grow over time.

However, while typical standards of a rental property still apply to the modern-day, the new normal has made waves for trends and evolving needs of the usual tenant. Specifically, with more people working remotely and from the comfort of their homes, dedicated workspace stations are becoming more of a necessity rather than a luxury. So, today we’ll be going over the benefits and why you should include them in your rentals.

What Makes Them Important?

Realistically speaking, there’s a lot more potential value added to a rental property when resources and funds are allocated to renovations and fixing the place as opposed to adding a simple quality of life improvement. However, while a workspace station may not provide as much value-added in terms of value on paper, the value provided to tenants is far greater. And, with everyone steadily adjusting and accepting the new normal, the utility of a workspace station is incomparable.

  • Everyone’s Looking To Work From Home: Firstly, most, if not all, people are currently working from home, and most businesses have adopted the remote workforce framework to stay in operation despite the limits of health and safety concerns. Given this new norm, most tenants would prefer to have a dedicated workspace station from the comfort of their apartment without having to go through the trouble building and setting one up themselves.
  • Helps Advertising The Property: Secondly, because working from home is the norm for the foreseeable future, building a workspace station and adding them to your advertising photos helps reach more people and increase the number of engagements. As a result, you’ll expect much less downtime without tenants because your rental properties are well-equipped and suited for today’s needs.

What Does A Workspace Station Need?

Likewise, if there are certain guidelines and objective requirements for a functional living room design, a workspace station also has specific needs to increase its functionality and utility. And, to ensure that your rental properties’ workspace stations observe a high standard, here are some quick notes you need to follow:

#1 Good Location

Number one, much like any other flex-space in a rental property, the location and placement of your workspace station are crucial because you want the space to be conducive for work and productivity. The last thing you want is to keep it in a far dark corner of the property that makes it feel like a last-minute renovation made for the sake of having a dedicated workspace. Proceed just like how you would with any other renovation and small-scale project for your rental property.

  • Privacy And Focal Points: As a good rule of thumb, you’ll want to build the workspace station somewhere in the property that’s relatively private and utilizes focal points. You don’t want it to feel like it gets in the way, so always consult the floor plan and make it flow well like any other room/space inside your rental property.

#2 Utility and Flexibility

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A workspace station relies on two distinct features: its utility and flexibility, and without them, it’s nothing more than just a table for doing work. Therefore, you’ll need to put in some effort to customize and define the space, ensuring that it serves its purpose and meets everything that a tenant might need.

  • Storage: Firstly, storage space is an essential feature of a well-equipped dedicated workspace station, and even the simplest of things like drawers and organizers can go a long way in adding more utility. It encourages organization, which looks better in photos and has plenty of practical use for the tenant.
  • Lighting: Secondly, to increase the overall appeal of the workspace, we recommend diffusing and controlling the lighting so that it doesn’t disrupt the workflow aesthetic and privacy of the dedicated workspace station. You can opt to use blinds and drapes for controlling light and install light fixtures for when the tenant might be working late at night.

However, Don’t Forget The Necessary Projects.

On the other hand, despite the growing trend of workspace stations, we don’t recommend adding them to your rental properties if it impedes necessary renovations such as AC replacement or fixing a faulty plumbing system. It’s always important to allocate resources and budget to these areas of the home first because they determine the level of comfort and liveability of the rental property.

Make Your Rentals Stand Out

Nevertheless, workspace stations are still becoming more and more popular with each passing day, and if you want to make your rentals stand out, we strongly suggest adding them to your rental investments. Plus, they’re relatively inexpensive projects to do, which gives you plenty of room to experiment and see what works with your method of interior design.

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