Reasons to Consider Living in a Single-Storey Home

Single-Storey Home
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Dream houses being mansions on sprawling lands are typical, but if we’re all being honest, they’re not always aligned with our realities. Of course, everyone should aim high and dream big, but if your goal is to buy a new house this year or the next, and affording a palatial estate is still far from your reach, then you can’t just delay your plans and keep suffering in a rented flat that can hardly accommodate your small family.

In that case, why don’t you consider the beautiful houses for sale around Donnybrook, Victoria or other metropolitan areas? Just because they’re missing multiple levels means you’re limited. Living big in a small space is entirely possible. And with young, playful kids around, don’t you reckon they’ll be much safer without the stairs?

That said, here are the rest of the reasons you should consider buying a single-storey home:

1. No Stairs

Without stairs, there’d be fewer risks of bad falls and slips. And if your parents or grandparents visit, they’d be pleased to see that there won’t be any stairs to ascend and descend to. It’s beneficial for you, too, particularly if you’re lifting and moving heavy stuff, carrying the laundry basket, or the kids as you put them to sleep.

2. Quicker Access to Every Space

Isn’t it too annoying when you wake up at night feeling thirsty, and the kitchen’s downstairs? That pet peeve will be nonexistent if your home is a single-storey. Other than that, every space — such as the bathroom, bedrooms, garden, and garage, can all be accessed quicker. If you’re running late to an appointment, the front door is just a few paces away, and those few seconds you save can already make a big difference.

On a serious note, having quick access to exits is advantageous in emergencies. Though you’ll never wish anything dangerous to happen to you, it’s still better to be sure that you can evacuate fast in case of a fire, for example.

3. Sturdiness

Since every room is close to the ground, the entire home is likely sturdier than a multiple-storey. You’re secure about the foundation, and you don’t have to fear that a room from the second floor or the stairs may collapse in the event of a hurricane. This isn’t to say that all multiple-storey homes are less sturdy, but if you’re someone who worries about collapsing structures the most, then you may feel safer in a single-story home.

5. Easier to Secure

This benefit largely depends on the overall security of the area you live in, but suppose you’re in a safe neighbourhood, anyway, then securing a single-storey home is easier and cheaper compared to doing it in a multiple-storey property. The small space needs fewer devices such as CCTV cameras and motion detectors. And every night, your general inspection is faster; just ensure that every access is properly locked and that some lights are on.

6. Cheaper Maintenance

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Maintaining a home is no doubt arduous, even more so if it’s a big house. With a single-storey home, maintenance costs are cheaper. No need to have two sets of cleaning and repair tools anymore. Ladders and scaffolding are less likely to be required in some tasks unless it’s on the roof.

Cleaning isn’t as taxing as well, and if the kids help you out, you’ll finish even faster. When you aren’t so tired, you can bond with them and spare some more time for your hobbies.

And if sometime in the future, you begin to dream of living in a bigger, multiple-storey home, that’s perfectly fine; you can consider your single-storey living as a stepping stone for living grander. What’s more, reaching your goals in baby steps feels more rewarding.

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