Get Back in the Field by Regaining Customer Trust Amid the Pandemic

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Though restrictions have relaxed a bit, especially in public settings, new strains that are immune to the virus continue to surface. The world has been dealing with the virus long enough that the fear of contracting it has been part of every individual’s daily thoughts. This fear is also why even though shops have resumed operations, getting customers to do their shopping in-store, just like during pre-pandemic days, is still tough. The challenge now is how companies can rebuild business trust during this time.

Continue Using PPE

Some people think wearing masks and other protective equipment even though you have gotten your vaccine creates more fear, but prevention is always better than cure. There have been multiple cases of people contracting the virus despite being fully vaccinated, meaning even people with shots are still possible couriers. As a business owner, you can require your employees to wear proper PPE; this also goes for your patrons. When you show that you are a business that honors health protocols, you create a trustworthy image and give your clients peace of mind that they’re shopping in a well-sanitized place.

Availability of Sanitizers

When soap and water aren’t available in your shop, you can provide customers and your employees with alcohol-based sanitizers to eliminate germs and bacteria. Stationing them in entrances and aisles can help contain and prevent the spread of microbes, helping mitigate the risk of the virus. Although hand sanitizers are helpful, it’s still better to allow your clients and staff to wash their hands with soap and water for complete and efficient cleaning by installing accessible sinks. It would help if you also had someone check the temperatures of clients going into your store to keep people with symptoms from entering.

Use Other Sterilizing Tools

Aside from maintaining proper hygiene and frequent handwashing, the use of other cleaning tools, such as disinfection tents, for those entering your shop. Using gloves and goggles during cleaning periods will keep both your customers and personnel safe from the virus. You also have to establish a routine cleaning schedule that you need to perform daily, given that your business is in a public place and located in a high-traffic area. Using cleaning solutions for high-touch surfaces is also advisable in keeping microbes out of your products.

Promote a No-Contact Policy

It is challenging to enforce social distancing between your patrons, considering the narrow and busy streets in public areas. Besides wearing PPE and frequent sanitizing, maintaining at least a meter of physical distance is a proven safety measure against the virus. With shops where space is at a premium, implementing social distancing is particularly difficult. As an owner, what you can do is limit the number of people entering your establishment to small groups so that they can shop within a safe range.

Encourage Customers to Stay at Home

Though a considerable portion of your revenue comes from your physical store, safety should still be your priority. When you go the extra mile by extending your service to include deliveries and making purchases through your website, you give your customers the very thing they need to acquire essentials without leaving their homes. From a business standpoint, you can see going online as a way to branch out and an opportunity to improve sales because, unlike brick-and-mortar shops, online ventures do not need to follow regular store hours. This fact can even be a strategic move for your promotional projects as well since you can use this to enhance your online presence. For instance, if you manage a screening lab, you can contact a medical lead generation company to reach your target clients successfully.

Build Trust Through Your Online Accounts

Until the pandemic dies down and the situation becomes more manageable, you are limited to interacting with your clientele through the internet. With most people stuck at home, it’s safe to assume that they spend time scrolling their socials on their phones longer than in the pre-pandemic days. This situation is an opportune time for you to be active on your social media accounts. As with many other ventures, you can engage with your customers using relatable posts that compel them to react and other gimmicks like online games and raffles with one of your products as a prize. With social media being a popular tool to get free marketing, you are guaranteed a spotlight without shelling out money on expensive promotional projects.

The world has spent almost two years in quarantine. Because of this, thousands of businesses have gone south. It was natural to choose safety over profit initially, but with an economic crisis in sight, this financial standstill will no longer do. So as a way for businesses to resume operations while keeping their constituents safe, strictly implementing health protocols is crucial.

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