The Homes That Sell – 5 Ways to Freshen Up Your House

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Overcoming the challenges of selling a home, such as having to de-clutter and deep clean, is a lot of work but it’s important to make a good first impression on potential buyers.

A messy house can turn away potential buyers. You have to make them see what the house can be, not your dirty clothes and mud tracks on the floor. It’s just not inviting if a house is messy. Moreover, potential buyers might see it as a red flag, a sign that the previous homeowners — you — didn’t take good care of the property.

So, here’s what you should do before a house viewing visit.

Create a Cleaning Checklist and Schedule

The first step is to come up with a cleaning schedule and then follow it. You wouldn’t want several people coming in to see stains on your carpet or cobwebs lining the corners of the room, would you? Once you have created your checklist make sure to follow it as closely as possible.

For example, you could set aside time every Saturday morning for deep cleaning chores as vacuuming, dusting, scrubbing bathrooms and throwing out clutter are essential elements of a clean house.

If you have pets consider taking them to the groomer so that your carpets look extra spiffy compared with other houses on the market.

These tasks will take days, or even weeks, because you have to clean every nook and cranny. Even spaces that people won’t normally see, if left uncleaned, could cause a disaster. Imagine finding out on the day of the open house that a mold has been growing in a cabinet, and it’s emitting a very musty and stale smell all over the room.

Also, don’t forget your furniture upholstery and carpets. These places collect a lot of dirt and could become a source of embarrassment.

Consider Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service

Another way you can go around scheduling house cleaning tasks is by hiring a professional cleaning service to do the job for you. It will cost more but it’s worth it, especially if your time is very limited.

They are also good at doing things that you’re bad at, like scrubbing grout or shampooing carpets. If their services complement your needs they are the best people to hire when preparing your property for showings.

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Use Subtle Scents

You don’t have to bathe your home in perfume, but a nice subtle sent could be a huge plus.

This is because some houses have a stale smell, which can be quite off-putting to buyers. If this happens, try fixing the problem by leaving some scented candles lit for a while or refreshing potpourri in bowls around the house. You could also consider using essential oils by placing some on lampshades and curtains throughout the house.

Use Plants and Decorative Pieces

Another way you can add color to your home is with plants and decorative pieces. Plants help absorb musty smells from the air, so they are a bonus if you’re trying to sell your house quickly.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money either. If you have flowers, place them in vases throughout the house so that their scent surrounds it. You can also spray your favorite perfume around the main rooms and use scented candles as well.

Use Different Lighting

The last thing you can do is minimize any visible defects by using different lighting. It gives everything a brighter look and helps potential buyers imagine themselves living in the home if they see it from different angles with different lighting — this will show all its good features instead of just some certain spots that could be unappealing if not viewed under bright lights.

For instance, place lamps on tables behind furniture so that they’re when looking at them from the front.

Most importantly, make sure to use natural light during showings. Sometimes it can be difficult to get a good view of the rooms because there could be too much sunlight and not enough darkness. If this happens, try using different shades or coverings on your windows so that you can control how much sun comes inside. This way buyers will get a better idea of what the house looks like when it’s well-lit and in its best condition.

Today we’ve given you five easy steps that will help freshen your house up before inviting potential homeowners for a visit! Of course, this is just one part of selling your home successfully. However, it could help make your home more ideal for potential buyers.

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