Signs that Your Mover Is About to Scam You

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When changing residences, hiring a mover is either a smart move or a regretful decision. Make no mistake; opting for professional service is always better than DIYing everything. Moving is an emotional roller coaster in itself, and the activity’s physical and psychological demands make everything more stressful.

Hiring a professional mover per se will not adequately mitigate the inconveniences of relocation. If you work with a dishonest company, you may contend with a new set of headaches. Watch for the tip-offs below when choosing a mover.

You Get an Over-the-phone Estimate

An excellent long-distance moving estimate is never done over the phone. You should be suspicious of a mover that refuses to visit your house before giving you a quote. Yes, a seasoned moving professional can have a good idea of the cost of relocation, but one can’t rely purely on experience.

As a general rule, your prospective mover should conduct an on-site visit to see the items you intend to bring with you to your new place. The fragility and shape of your valuables are some of the things that must be considered to select the right boxes to use and the number of trucks necessary for relocation.

Without dropping by your house, your mover is just guesstimating everything. This may be a tactic to overcharge you later when your items were more substantial than expected. In consequence, you will likely not get an accurate quote.

You Receive an Estimate Based on Weight

Say a representative of your prospective moving company visits your house for consultation and inspection, you still should not automatically assume that the estimate you would receive is reliable. This notion is particularly true when this professional only provides a quote based on weight alone.

The total heft of all of your items is, of course, part of the equation, but it is not the only thing that matters. The overall weight of the shipment is just as important as the complexity of the task, the size of the crew you want to hire, the distance of the ultimate destination, and the time required to load and unload everything. If you need non-standard services, such as packing or storage, you will be charged extra too.

When all of the said additional factors are conveniently ignored, your estimate is most likely far from final. As a result, you may pay way more than you initially expect.

You Need to Pay Up Front

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Any mover that requires you to put down a large deposit should not be trusted. Payment is the number one motivation of every reputable moving company to do what is right and avoid committing errors. Getting partially paid beforehand can diminish the incentive of providing quality service in the first place.

Working with a mover is a faith-based choice, but entrusting your prized possessions to strangers should be the only risk you should take. Forking over a significant sum before the actual move puts you in a disadvantageous position, for the other party may disappear on you without fulfilling their duty.

Use your common sense to smell a scam when you encounter one. With logic, due diligence, and a healthy amount of suspicion, you can protect yourself from shady characters and can identify trustworthy movers.

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