Six Lessons from “Friends” During the Coronavirus Crisis

friends hanging out
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More than 25 years since its debut episode aired, Friends remains to be one of the world’s most relevant TV shows. The sitcom is still so popular that it was the second most-watched show on Netflix in 2019. It even spawned a much-awaited reunion on a different streaming platform in 2020. While the reunion special may have been delayed, we can still learn from the show’s 10-year-long run about what to do during the coronavirus crisis.

Feel as Comfortable as Joey

While on lockdown, you’re going to spend a lot of time at home like Joey and Chandler. Feel like a friend and get your own “Rosita” from a massage chair store in Los Angeles. You can order it online. If you’re going to work from home or homeschool your kids, you might as well sit around in style.

Clean Like Monica

While her friends may have found her ways overbearing at times, today, Monica’s cleaning habits are the way. While you don’t have to put your towels into 11 categories, you can still emulate her neatness. She urged her husband to bathe and wash his hands. She even cleaned her cleaning appliances, which is something a lot of people forget to do. Now more than ever is it important to be more like Monica and less like the Dirty Girl.

Maintain Your Sense of Humor Like Chandler

Among the characters, it’s always Chandler who breaks the tension with a funny quip. While he has admitted to using humor as a defense mechanism, it’s crucial to maintain that positivity during these trying times. In fact, a study has found that laughter can make you healthier and live a longer life. Step back from the negative news and take time to look at the bright side of life. Could you be any funnier?

Shop Like Rachel

inside a shopAlmost 11 years after the Great Recession, the U.S. is again suffering an economic crisis. Due to lockdown measures, the restaurant industry is expected to be one of those who will suffer the most. Despite this, restaurant owners say that people can still help them stay afloat by buying. While a lot of restaurants have closed operations, many offer gift cards, merchandise, and delivery services. Channel Rachel’s shopping spirit and help your favorite restaurant or store.

Be as Informed as Ross

Ross is the trusted nerd of the whole gang. He keeps tabs on scientific journals and watches educational documentaries. While you don’t have to read paleontology articles, it is important to remain updated on the developments of COVID-19. Since the disease is new, there are still many unknown factors about it. In February, some people, including President Donald Trump, likened the virus to the flu and said that it would die down once the weather warms. A month later, Marc Lipsitch, Director of Harvard’s Center for Communicable Disease Dynamics, said that warm weather “won’t slow transmission enough to make a big dent.”

Be as Generous as Phoebe

Phoebe’s character can be defined with one word: giving. She famously gave birth to her brother’s triplets and volunteered to collect donations for charity. As more and more people lose their livelihood, it’s more important than ever to give. Support the vulnerable by volunteering and donating; it’s what Phoebe would do.

Throughout the years, the group have stuck with each other through break-ups, job loss, and even death. During trying times like today, it’s important to be like a friend and support your family—by blood or not.

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