Skills You Need When Living in the City Alone

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If you grew up in a quiet town where the most exciting things to happen are local festivals and parades, then you’re in for a big surprise. There’s a difference between visiting a city a couple of times and actually living in one. From the moment you wake up to the time you’re ready to end the day, there’s no shortage of angry commuters and bright signage enticing a new batch of customers. Shocking as it may be at first, don’t be discouraged–living in the city will be one of the most memorable times of your life.

Three essential skills will make surviving in the metropolis easier for you from the moment you arrive. After all, while it’s bustling with opportunities with every turn, it’s also packed with pit holes that could dampen your adventure.

Finding the Right Home

When scouring the internet for a condo for sale in Capitol Commons or other prime residential options, it’s easy to get drawn first by the aesthetic and the view. The pictures are stunning, and the facilities are exactly what you need. Before signing any contract and making any down payment, however, it’s worth considering how your life there will pan out in the long run. Your considerations should include traffic, flooding, parking, and other factors that can later cause an inconvenience. How far is it from your workplace? What problems do the current residents usually face on a day-to-day basis?

When studying the location, pay attention to the community as well. It’s worth noting your distance from the fire station, police station, and hospital. In a place where the road is never empty, getting to access any of these facilities by walking is a smart choice. More than a fine interior, the right home must enable you to live with as much convenience and safety as possible. This means learning how to deal with real estate agents and handling the cost of relocating. Read as much as you can about these topics or, better yet, bring someone who’s already skilled in condo hunting. They have a few tricks up their sleeves that you’ll benefit from knowing.

Navigating Routes

You’ll get lost. It’s an incident worth anticipating and preparing for. Cities are such big places with complex networks of roads, and it could take you months to find your way around. The great thing about learning to navigate routes is that you’ll soon find shortcuts, may it be in the form of alleys, underpasses, or buildings that allow people to cross their lobbies.

This is why coming with your colleagues to their lunch out is a great idea. They’re the best people to show you around and teach you the most convenient routes, particularly within the vicinity of your workplace. The next time you wake up late, you won’t need to rush. You know exactly how to get to the office in less than ten minutes–without even running.

Learning Self-defense

woman learning self defense

Petty crime won’t sound so petty when it happens to you. Losing a wallet or phone in the city are such common occurrences that city-dwellers have learned to cope with the risks. It’s a good thing if minor theft is the only crime you should concern yourself with. In case of a more serious encounter with a dangerous person, what will you do?

Learning self-defense is a skill you shouldn’t skip out on. When avoiding deserted roads and arming yourself with your house keys aren’t enough, a little Krav Maga might bring you out of a dire situation unscathed.

Take Your Time Adjusting

Give yourself time to let the culture shock fade. Living in the city will always have its ups and downs, and having the skills to cope with them will make it a tad bit easier.

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