Transform Your Deck: How to Create Your Own Outdoor Bar

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You and your friends love to hang out and have a drink. However, you despise crowded bars. Now that you have a new home with a deck, why not turn the outdoor space into your own bar?

The project is surprisingly easy and you do not have to spend a lot of money to do it. Best of all, you never have to travel far to grab a beer with the lads. Everything you need is right outside your door.

Here’s how you can transform an ordinary, boring deck into the hottest bar in town.

Start with the Floor

Since there will be a lot of eating and drinking in the space, you should consider waterproofing your decking system. This can prevent the surface from deteriorating due to moisture. Even concrete will corrode when it is exposed to liquid often.

If that is not an option right now, you can buy waterproof outdoor carpets. Not only will it protect your floor from spilled liquid or rain, but it also adds another styling detail to the space.


Add a Bar Top on a Railing

If you do not have a lot of space to add a huge table that can fit every one of your friends, you can add a bar top on the railings.

First, make sure that your railing can handle the weight. A bar top is heavy and people tend to lean on surfaces. The post should have the structural integrity to support the strain. You should also check if there is damage or degradation. This can also lead to broken railings if left unaddressed.

Second, determine whether you have to make more modifications in the railing to accommodate your bar. If there are metal or wooden finials on top of the posts, for example, then you will have to remove them first to give your bar a flat surface to sit on.

Third, build your bar! You can use any rectangular panel for this. Cut it depending on the size — or shape — you want. You have the option to stick tiles on top so it is easier to clean. Or, be creative. Use an assortment of beer bottle caps embedded on epoxy.

Go for a Palette Bar

If you do not need a lot of seating, why not create a pallet bar. It also is surprisingly easy to DIY, even if you do not have a lot of experience in carpentry.

In addition, it is cheap! You can upcycle discarded pallets from junkyards, landfills, etc.

Provide Plenty of Seating Options

At night, you will use your deck-turned-outdoor-bar for a drink. You will need plenty of stools for your friends to sit on. However, during the day, you want to be able to use the space, too.

A comfortable couch and floor poufs can provide extra seating in your deck whenever you just want to lounge around. Do not forget to bring out a couple of throw pillows to make the place cozy and comfortable.

You can also turn the space into an outdoor dining space. Add a table and a few outdoor chairs. An umbrella or a canopy can protect you from the heat of direct sunlight.

Decks are pretty versatile. You can transform the space into how you want to use it. A bar is only one of the many possibilities.


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