So You’re Thinking About The Trucking Lifestyle And Career

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Let’s face it; we’ve all wondered what life would be like pursuing a career as a long-haul truck driver, bringing cargo from one destination to the next, and waking up to a whole new scenery every single day. And, from that vivid explanation alone, it sounds like a beautiful job and an exciting career that rivals what flight attendants get to experience, minus all the hustle and bustle of meeting the demands of passengers.

However, there’s more to this trucking career than meets the eye, and while that previous job description isn’t wrong by any means, it does leave out some important details and larger aspects that play a heavier impact. So, today we’ll be going over some of the pros and cons of a trucking career, and by the end, we can hopefully find a conclusive verdict of whether it’s a job that’s a fit for you or not.

Well There Are Numerous Benefits

Firstly, let’s go over the numerous benefits of pursuing a trucking career and why it might be a diamond in the rough that your parents or peers never really got to share with you. Unlike your typical 9-5 desk job that can quickly get boring or dull if you never found it exciting in the first place, there’s a level of empowerment that comes with sitting in the driver’s seat of a big truck. And if the thought of that alone makes you feel giddy, then these pros will be more than convincing.

#1 A Life On The Road

There’s never a moment wasted when you live a life on the road because you keep your eyes in front, hands on the wheel, and your mind’s free as a bird. You will never get tired of driving because there’s a brand-new landscape waiting to be seen, whether it’s the dead of the night, the break of dawn, or the sun’s kiss radiating as it sets. Plus, you wouldn’t need to worry about computer screens or blue light hurting your eyesight because you have the most beautiful pictures in the best resolution all around you.

#2 Very Accessible Career

Most white-collar jobs require years’ worth of a degree, hundreds of hours of excruciating effort, and climbing the corporate ladder while you still have student debt to pay off. In contrast, a trucking career, at the very least, will only require a high school diploma and a certified commercial driver’s license, then you’re pretty much good to go. Yes, having more certification to prove your competence will help you land better-paying jobs, but the bare minimum requirement is very accessible.

#3 Feeling Of Independence

Last but not least, there’s a strong feeling of independence that comes with a trucking career and knowing that you’re responsible for every action you take and the cargo that’s onboard. It’s also very satisfying once you make that destination, and having the next one ready to go keeps you on your toes and active. Plus, the trucking industry is becoming more inclusive as more women operate at a highly competitive level nowadays.

However, It’s Not As Perfect As It Seems


Of course, despite all the perceived benefits, a trucking career is by no means perfect and also has its fair share of flaws and shortcomings. And because we don’t want to lull you into thinking that it’s the best job ever, it’s necessary that we discuss the negative talking points to give you a strong overall outlook on the trucking industry and lifestyle.

  • Stress Is Part Of The Job: While we did mention that there’s never a dull moment in a trucking career, you’re also bound to experience many stressful situations that will test your resilience and flexibility. Anything can happen on the road from time constraints, an urgent need for equipment repair services, and many other scenarios; you’ll need to be prepared for any unexpected and abrupt situation.
  • Struggles With Low Pay: Although trucking in the past has been an excellent way to earn a modest paycheck while living below your means with smart lifestyle choices, many truck drivers have been struggling with low pay and the constant rise in the cost of living. Unlike before, where you could score a good meal with $5, you’d be lucky to find a coffee combo at the diner for that price. Plus, that’s not considering all the other necessities you’ll need while driving.

But You Won’t Know Until You Try.

Nevertheless, the trucking career and lifestyle is something you can’t gauge from words alone unless you try it yourself. And if the benefits above have convinced you that there’s a kindling flame waiting to be ignited, then we strongly recommend giving it a chance.

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