Wood Recycling: A Great Way to Help Mother Nature

chopped pieces of wood
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Pollution and environmental waste are among our worst enemies. In hindsight, it is also because of our wrongdoing that such wastes exist. Climate change is a major issue we need to address. It doesn’t matter whether you believe in climate change or not.

What is important is we should take care of our environment before it becomes too late. Recycling has been around for years. It helps us to be more resourceful and productive. It also helps reduce the waste we produce. Plastic, metals, and wood are recyclable.

Wood waste collection facilities are available for proper recycling.

Wood Recycling for Mother Nature

Wood recycling has been around since the early 90s. It was implemented to address the issue of climate change. In effect, wood suppliers and customers realized the importance of recycling wood and turning it into a sustainable thing. Wood scraps are recycled in recycling facilities.

In return, recycled wood turns into useful items for residential and commercial use. Recycled wood is getting popular among environment-conscious individuals and organizations.

It raises awareness against rampant deforestation and more on preserving our forests. That is why wood mills are encouraged to recycling wood wastes and turn it into something useful and eco-friendly.

Ways to Recycle Wood Waste

Wood scraps can be made into something useful, such as furniture and other home décor. Wood pallets can also be recycled and turned into useful items. Instead of buying expensive décor and furniture, you can patronize sustainable items such as recycled wood.

Among common wood wastes include:

  • Fences
  • Floorboards
  • Doors and windows
  • Pallets and crates
  • Old furniture and cupboards

Wood can decompose especially the trimmings. Wood trimmings can serve as a natural fertilizer that can enhance the soil’s quality. Other than that, there are different ways to recycle wooden items.

1. Donate or sell old wood items.

If you have old furniture, you can donate it for those who may need it. There are different stores that accept old items, including furniture. You can also conduct a garage sale and sell your old furniture there. You earn extra money and give a new home for your unwanted items.

2. Give it a makeover.

If you are not feeling your old furniture anymore but do not want to dispose of it yet, why not give it a makeover? You can check out DIY websites for some ideas — there are lots of them. Or perhaps all it needs is a change of fabric or foam.

3. Turn it into something new and useful.

wooden window pane

If you have wood pallets, you can repurpose it that can be useful at home. You can turn it into a bed frame, a makeshift fence for your mini-garden, and more. Check out DIY websites and magazines to inspire you for your next home improvement project.

4. Contact a recycling facility near you.

There are some wood parts you can recycle. But for wood scraps and trimming, you can bring them to a nearby recycling facility.

Even if we already know the benefits of recycling, we tend to forget about it. But when you have unused wood materials in your home, you can remember the tips mentioned here. Not only can it benefit the environment but also you in the long run.

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