Your Home Can Be a Danger Zone for Your Toddler

baby near safety gate of stairs
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We barely take the kids out because we’re afraid of what bacteria and viruses they can get. We’re also afraid of accidents—vehicular or freak accidents that happen even in a children’s playground. Even though we believe that our homes are the safest places for our kids, they still pose a lot of danger zones for nosy and energetic toddlers.


Don’t let your child inside the bathroom by themselves. A hot water heater being repaired by a Salt Lake City contractor can malfunction and cause burns. Your child can also slip because of the wet floor, and they might hit their head on the corner of the tub or the ceramic flooring. It can cause bone fracture and may affect their physical abilities in the future.

Medicine Cabinet

This might look harmless since you put it above the bathroom sink, but toddlers are extra creative these days. They know how to reach things. One of the most common causes of unintentional poisoning of children is when they accidentally take an over-the-counter pill. This happens when they get access to your medicine cabinet. Keep an eye on your children; never let them be in a room without adult supervision.


Your pantry isn’t only where you store your bottles of herbs and canned goods, which can drop on your kid’s head anytime; it’s also where you store cleaning products. These chemicals are harmful when ingested. They are clearly labeled with warnings that children should stay away from them. Do not let your children get inside the pantry. Make sure that the pantry is locked so that they won’t try to sneak in when you’re not looking.


baby playing with doggos

The garage is where you keep your power tools, vehicle accessories, the actual vehicles, garden tools, paint cans, pesticides, and many other things. If there is only one unsafe place for a child in your home, it is the garage. Your child might play with your tools or get inside the vehicle and get stuck there for hours. They might also play under the garage door, and unless it has an automatic reversing mechanism when there’s an object underneath it, your child can get seriously injured.

As a caution, make sure that your power tools are not plugged in when they are not in use, the car doors are locked, the ladders are stored horizontally, and flammable materials are disposed of properly.

Swimming Pool

Although not every home in the United States has a swimming pool, your kid is naturally attracted to water. When they see a pool, they might immediately jump in and instantly drown. The United States government has even launched a Pool Safely campaign to stop the unintentional drowning of children. Even if your kid knows how to swim, you still shouldn’t leave them by the poolside alone.

Thankfully, there are plenty of child safety accessories that you can install around your house. A gate for your staircase, for example, is a great item to prevent your children from climbing up and down the stairs on their own. Check out the safety products available in your local stores and baby proof your house with them.

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