Areas in Your Real Estate Property You Need To Ensure Are Safe

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• Ensure all bathroom locks are functional and chemicals are locked away for safety.

• Securely store kitchen equipment and food items to reduce the risk of harm or foodborne illnesses.

• Install handrails in stairwells, ensure lighting is adequate at night, and keep them free from debris.

• Ensure elevator safety features such as emergency stop buttons, alarms, and intercoms are working correctly.

• Install CCTV cameras, have adequate lighting, maintain functioning gates and barriers, and hire security guards for parking lots/garages.

As a business owner, you want all your real estate properties, from the small office space to the sizeable multi-floor building, to be safe and secure. That’s why you must ensure specific areas of your property are especially secure. In this blog, you will learn about areas of your property that need extra attention when it comes to safety and security:


It might seem like an obvious area to focus on when it comes to safety, but bathrooms should not be overlooked. The first step is ensuring that the locks on all bathroom doors are functional and there is no way for anyone to access them without a key or code. Additionally, ensure that any chemicals used in the bathroom are locked away so unauthorized personnel can’t access them.


Kitchens can also be dangerous due to sharp objects and other hazards such as broken glass or spilled liquids. Ensure all kitchen equipment is stored properly and securely with appropriate locks on cabinets or drawers to keep people safe from potential harm. Additionally, ensure that all food items are dated and stored correctly to avoid any foodborne illnesses or health risks associated with expired food products. You should also buy kitchen floor mats to help reduce the risk of slips and falls. Kitchen floor mats also help to reduce the risk of trips and falls due to their non-skid surfaces. These floor mats come in various shapes, sizes, and materials to suit your kitchen’s needs.


Stairwells present a unique set of safety concerns due to their height and proximity to other parts of the building or property. Make sure there are handrails along each stairwell and proper lighting at night so everyone can safely navigate up and down stairs without issue. Additionally, ensure that stairwells are kept clear of debris or obstructions which can cause slips, trips, or falls if left unattended for too long.


Open elevator

Elevators present another set of safety concerns due to their mechanical nature and enclosed spaces which can lead to entrapment if an emergency occurs while someone is inside one of these compartments. Ensure elevator safety features such as emergency stop buttons, alarm systems, and intercoms are functioning correctly at all times for people to safely exit an elevator, if necessary, without compromising their safety during an emergency.

Parking Lots/Garages

Parking lots/garages need constant monitoring in order for people coming into your property to feel safe when they come into work or visit your business premises after hours. Here’s how you can achieve this:

Install CCTV cameras

Having CCTV cameras installed in your parking lot/garage is a great way to monitor the area and provide extra security. Make sure there are ample cameras placed strategically so that they can cover as much of the parking lot/garage as possible in order to deter any potential criminal activities.

Have adequate lighting

Having good lighting in your parking lot/garage is essential to making people feel safe when they enter and leave the area. Make sure that all lights are functioning correctly at all times, especially during night hours, as this will provide extra security for everyone who enters the area.

Make sure that any gates or barriers are properly functioning

Having working gates and barriers in your parking lot/garage is essential to ensure that only authorized personnel can enter the area. Make sure that these are adequately maintained and locked at all times so that no one without access can get into the premises after hours.

Hire security guards


It is also a good idea to have security guards on hand at all times. Security guards can provide extra protection for people who are entering and leaving the property, as well as deter any criminal activities that might occur in the area.

By ensuring your parking lots and garages are safe and secure, you can be sure that your property and all its tenants are in good hands.

From bathrooms to stairwells, elevators, and parking lots/garages, you must take the necessary steps to ensure all areas of your property are safe. Implementing measures such as CCTV cameras, adequate lighting, working gates and barriers, and hiring security guards will not only provide extra protection for tenants but also deter any criminal activities from occurring in the area. By taking these precautions now, you can rest assured that your real estate properties are secure.

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